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  1. Alfa

    Legislation Inspired By Erath Mother Whose Son Overdosed

    State Sen. Nick Gautreaux's bill to increase penalties for oxycodone-related violations passed the House of Representatives with a unanimous vote Friday. It will now head back to the Senate for a concurrence vote, and then to the governor's desk for a signature.

    Gautreaux, D-Abbeville, said Friday he's glad the bill passed and that penalties for abusing oxycodone - which makes up the prescription painkiller OxyContin and other drugs - will be as stiff as those for cocaine.

    "The more and more I talked about it and researched it, I realized ... if it's such a bad drug, why shouldn't it correspond with cocaine?" Gautreaux said.

    Gautreaux's bill was inspired by Erath resident Susan Cassidy, whose 17-year-old son Ryan died of an OxyContin overdose in 2003. Cassidy has crusaded for awareness of the drug, and asked Gautreaux to help her.

    "I think her son's death enlightened me on the real problem of oxycodone,"

    Gautreaux said.

    Cassidy said Friday she was "absolutely thrilled" the bill passed.

    "There was a lot of support initially, and I felt it was going to carry over through to the House," she said.

    She said all her work has been on Ryan's behalf, and this is just the beginning.

    "I'm just going to stay on top of the legislation related to all painkillers, and pain management clinics," Cassidy said.

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  1. unico_walker
    So she would rather other young people get mandatory minimum sentences
    in LA.s deplorable prisons for a decade or more and come out with a
    felony record to keep them from rebuilding their life and
    psychologically broken, maybe with AIDS from prison rape?

    If thats not a recipe for a drug addict I don't know what is!
  2. sands of time
    No, she just wants to take the loss of her son out on everyone else.
  3. BigRed
    yea she does, b!tch. she can´t face the fact that her son had a drug problem, probably due to her neglect, and thinks it´s the o.c.´s problem. b!tch.
  4. KillerKind
    I really hate to see this med go before the House, especially since the
    Sen. is voicing "such a bad drug", which is ridiculous and will
    eventually make it even harder for those of us who use this med
    responsively, and who need it to remain productive, to get it from
    legal sources.

    Fact is, this teen had a drug problem. He would have abused an other drug just the same, and probably did.
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