Oxycontin thief swallows 99 pills after robbery

By lulz · Jul 19, 2009 · ·
  1. lulz
    A man accused of stealing a bottle of oxycontin from an Apopka drug store swallowed nearly 100 pills shortly before his arrest.

    Apopka police said Ashely Warren Holmes, 35, held up a CVS clerk at gunpoint around 5:30 this morning demanding the drugs.

    The employee turned over the white pill bottle with 100 oxycontin pills and then called 911.

    Minutes later, officers in the area found Holmes running down the street, eating the pills. All but one of the pills had been ingested, police said.

    Holmes was taken to Florida Hospital Apopka and later booked into the Orange County Jail.

    He is facing several charges including robbery with a firearm or weapon, resisting arrest, destruction of evidence and possession of a controlled substance without a prescription.


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  1. bloot
    SWIM used to live in this town a few years ago and was at a local fast food place at around 8pm and everyone was locked into this fast food joint for around two or three hours and the windows were boarded up due to a man walking into a pharmacy next door and holding the employees hostage so that he could steal multiple bottles of pharmaceuticals which he ended up ingesting and ODing leading to his arrest. Haha SWIM just finds this funny that the same thing happened, again.
  2. xSarahJ
    He must have been feeling REALLY good when he got arrested...
    or on the verge of death because of OD haha.
  3. Dickon
    Are all drug takers likely to be done under destruction of evidence? What a dumb charge. Surely armed robbery is enough?

  4. g666d
    yeah that is stupid. He should have been done for attempted murder (lol)
  5. EscapeDummy
    How did he not die after swallowing 99 pills? Only 20mg and he had a fat tolerance?
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