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OxyContin valued at $400,000 seized in bust

By buckcamp · Jul 28, 2010 · Updated Jul 29, 2010 ·
  1. buckcamp
    Cape Cod Times
    July 28, 2010
    HYANNIS — A three-month-long narcotics investigation concluded Monday with the arrests of two Cromwell Court residents and the seizure of an estimated $400,000 worth of OxyContin, the Barnstable police said.

    Cassie Brownell, 22, and Kedrick Edwards, 32, were both charged with conspiracy to violate the Controlled Substance Act and trafficking OxyContin, the police said. Edwards was also charged with possession of

    Barnstable and Yarmouth narcotics detectives were led to Brownell's and Edwards' apartment at 168 Barnstable Road following several undercover purchases and complaints of illegal drug activity at the residence, the police said.

    The detectives seized 500 80mg OxyContin pills, a small amount of cocaine and $7,400 in cash.

    Both suspects were arraigned yesterday in Barnstable District Court, the police said.


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