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OZZY OSBOURNE Still Feels After-Effects Of LSD

By torachi, Feb 18, 2011 | Updated: Feb 18, 2011 | | |
  1. torachi
    15153.jpg According to The Pulse Of Radio, Ozzy Osbourne claims that he still feels affected by LSD, even though he quit the drug back in his BLACK SABBATH days. He said, "I still get the after-effects. I call them my 'wobblers'. In a flash every little problem freaks me out and becomes the end of the world."

    He described what it was like when he was on the drug, saying, "In my experience LSD is great until it isn't. One minute you're running down Miami Beach with a foam finger on your head — the next you're sticking a gun in your best friend's face. If you keep taking that shit it's going to bite you in the balls."

    Ozzy is the voice of a character called Fawn in the new Disney animated movie "Gnomeo & Juliet", in theaters now. It stars James McAvoy and Emily Blunt as the title characters.

    Ozzy Osbourne will publish a new book called "Ask Dr. Ozzy" later this year. The book will be co-written with Chris Ayres, who collaborated with Ozzy on his memoir "I Am Ozzy", and is a spin-off of the singer's ongoing column in England's Sunday Times in which he offers medical advice.

    According to the publisher, the book will "tell incredible survival stories not found in his memoir, offer advice that no human should follow, and shed light on his seemingly superhuman ability to keep breathing." An October 2011 release is expected.

    A new documentary about the life of Ozzy Osbourne, produced by his son Jack, has had its title changed from "Wreckage Of My Past: The Ozzy Osbourne Story" to "God Bless Ozzy Osbourne". The film will be the first release from Jack's production company, Jacko Productions, and is billed as "an intimate documentary that delves deep into the life of music icon Ozzy Osbourne . . . as he looks back on a lifetime of unparalleled success, misdiagnosed disease, unrelenting fear and a recurring dependency on drugs and alcohol." The movie is likely to play some film festivals and hit theatres later this year.



  1. crkdvnm
    Thats crazy. Im sure he did ALOT though.
  2. godztear
    With all the drugs that Ozzy has done in the time of Black Sabbath to now, there is no way in hell that he could know what brings on his quasi-psychotic behavior at times of distress.
  3. Smeg
    The article appears to suggest that this twatty wooden faced git is some sort of heroic figure.

    Almost his entire family seem to be involved in the business of (very succesfull) self publicity, to the extent of distorted narcissism, when it comes to the smokescreen of drug survivorism that cloaks his minor musical achievements (apart from Paranoid of course).

    The appraisal of his musical worth is only my opinion, but I find it difficult to accept the authenticity of the proposed forthcoming film. It may just be a hagriographic depiction of Ozzy the charmingly idiosyncratic exampe to us all.

    As for the decades later seismic psychedelic aftershocks, my jury's out for a very long naked lunch on that one.
  4. Madhat
    As much as I respect Ozzy's scientific opinion, I don't think you can prove it was the LSD and not the snorted line of live ants that caused these "wobblers".
  5. Dr. X
    Well put.
    There's no way he can attribute these episodes to psychedelics alone.
    The man abused just about every substance possible for years, not to mention the myriad prescription drugs he currently takes...
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