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P drugs i can think of at the moment that i want to try!!!

By Tryptomaniac · Nov 20, 2015 · ·
  1. Tryptomaniac
    1. LSD
    2. DMT
    3. Mescaline
    4. Opium
    5. Oxycodone
    6. Heroin (smoked)
    7. Hydromorphone
    8. Oxymorphone
    9. Fentanyl
    10. 2C drugs
    11. Xanax
    12. Diazepam
    13. Oxazepam
    14. Extremely low dose rohypnol
    15. Ketamine
    16. PCP
    17. High dose nitrous
    18. Lunesta
    19. Ayahuaska
    20. MDA
    21. Pure cocaine
    22. Crack ( with no more than 1 Rock in possession to not over do it)
    23. Methcathinone
    24. 4-fma
    25. Soma
    26. Any barbituate
    27. Gabapentin
    28. Pregabalin
    29. Weed edibles
    30. Lsz
    31. GHB
    32. Khat
    33. Demerol
    34. Desoxyn (only way I'd try meth)
    35. Librium
    36. Methaqualone
    37. Methadone
    38. Chewing tobacco
    39. Poppers
    40. I want to try pure psilocin and psylocybin to see the difference

    There's probably a lot more that I can think of right now but for now that's it :):::


  1. Cara Somer
    Apparently you are trying to find the quickest way to permanent brain damage! Really man if you life is THAT bad you need to seek professional help, or find an Ortho-molecular practitioner in the US who can help any mental illness with diet and high potency supplements.
  2. Cid Lysergic
    I scored 26/40 on your list. lol.
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