"P" lab found in grounds of primary school

By HandyMan81 · Sep 27, 2006 ·
  1. HandyMan81
    12:01pm on 27 Sep 2006

    A full kit or laboratory for the manufacturing of the methamphetamine "P" has been discovered in the grounds of a primary school in the Christchurch suburb of Burwood.

    Glassware containing toxic chemicals was left in a rubbish bin at Windsor School - close to where a school holiday programme was being held.
    Police say the chemicals in the glassware could have caused a major explosion if they were mixed.

    Detective Sergeant Greg Murton told Morning Report the chemicals are very toxic and dangerous to touch. He said they could have been inhaled by children, or combined into an explosive mix.

    Detective Sergeant Murton says it's likely the drugs were either dumped at the school or left there for someone to pick up.
    He says fortunate it's the school holidays and it's now safe for the school holiday programme to resume.


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