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  1. Terrapinzflyer
    The number of insurance claims for property damaged by methamphetamine, or P, is increasing, the Insurance Council says.

    "Property losses from P labs are becoming more significant and insurers are becoming increasingly concerned about the extent of these losses," council spokesman Terry Jordan said.

    He estimated methamphetamine damage cost the insurance industry $5 - $10 million over the past 12 months.

    A property must be thoroughly cleaned, or in some cases demolished, after a "cook-up", he said.

    "Remedial work to clean the properties range from a property cleanup by a specialist cleaning company for light contamination, through to the full replacement of wall and ceiling linings, drapes and carpets, where P lab activity has occurred on a regular basis.

    "In the worst cases, houses that are totally contaminated may need to be demolished."

    Jordan also said some properties had caught fire after lab explosions.

    Insurances companies covered the losses due to P contamination, but the onus was on the property owner to properly vet tenants and carry out regular inspections, he said.

    "P users derive money for their habit from burglary, car theft and other types of crime, which results in further losses that increase the cost of insurance to all New Zealanders."

    Jordan said it was "very difficult" to say how much P-related claims had increased due the nature of insurance company records.

    Thursday December 02, 2010 Source: NZPA



  1. sparkling_star
    Now where on earth does the "P" come from? "P users?" Never heard that before.

    But honestly, how dangerous are these houses? These tests turn positive very easy often even if they never were used for cooking and it all seems like a money making business not out to really help people. Now, I'm sure there are some chemicals and things that can be left behind, but for those chemists out there, are they really so dangerous that houses must be destroyed completely with no hope for survival?
  2. Thirdedge
    In New Zealand the term 'P' is commonly used to describe Methamphetamine. This is due to the fact that politicians and media do not know how to spell Methamphetamine. 'P' is short for 'Pure'.

    Its interesting, Swim recently watched a video interview with Uncle Fester (author of "Secrets of Methamphetamine manufacture"), where the author claims the average Meth lab to be no more toxic than the average garden shed. He claims the whole cops in gas masks and PVC suits is purely for show, to look sensational in the media and scare the public. Swim is not a chemist so can not verify this to be a fact but found his comments very interesting none the less.
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