1. Heretic.Ape.
    π Stretching Faces In Time
    (Or A Long-Winded Koan)

    Then there was nothing—
    Just before the geometric genesis:

    When the pearly teeth of God parted
    And the big bang got booming—
    The golden spiraling timbre of His
    (Or Her if you prefer)
    Fibonacci Word:

    I Am
    I Am.

    Do you remember that sound?
    Raining down in ecstatic logarithms,
    Sending Mandelbrot islands
    Fractaling like fire off
    Into sequin-pixeled seas
    Of pulsing ones and zeroes—

    (__________pulsing like red plasma through
    ___________blue cellular pipe-work);

    The resonating silence
    Punctuated by a metallic prick—
    An ice-pick stabbing into
    The apex of your neck;

    The way the reflexion rested
    Persistence-of-Time style
    Across the shiny convex
    Surface of eternity—

    Where all restless equations find zero
    And infinity can tell you a joke so funny
    You’ll dive right into your own navel
    (Knock, Knock...)--

    Chaos brighter than sunlight spinning
    Tawdry oranges, peace-keeping greens,
    Whistling yellows, and plush violets—
    Weaving them into a gaudy brocade
    Like a dragon on some Japanese kimono;

    The Zen-step beat of computing
    Like indigo Jazz across the
    Rippling diameter of the Lightsphere
    To grab a pint of Ben and Jerry’s;

    Fingering googolplexes like silly putty
    With Socrates on a chrysanthemum;

    That hang-loose third-eye groove
    And the quaint allure of Yin and Yang.
    Those good old days
    When the wave had passed over


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