Pa. could join list of states restricting Salvia

By lexifer · Apr 6, 2008 · Updated Apr 6, 2008 · ·
  1. lexifer

    Looks like stocking up on some salvia might be in swim's near future.

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  1. curious1
    Will we see a salvinorin A extract... hey atleast we know he knows what hes talking about...sort of...

  2. allyourbase
    I dislike prohibition, I dont believe in it. I dont like what it represents socially, but in this instance we see it making sense economicly, thieves selling a PLANT 20 to 100 dollars a gram, that conceivably costs only a fraction of one percent of that to grow, they deserve to have that rug pulled out from them. while it is legitimate to take advantage of the ignorance of one's consumer, that does not make it right.
  3. AquafinaOrbit
    /\If you think those prices are bad, just wait till Salvia is illegal. Really sad news though. I know if this ever happens to SWIMs state they will be make a few large orders from Ebay.
  4. cra$h another state, not SWIM's state! swim finally finds a drug that he loves AND benefits from, and ignorant politicians want a ban on it just because they think it's as "bad" as acid. terrible terrible day for america, and it's basic principles to support personal freedoms. mine as well become a fucking communistic state that we've always feared.
  5. AquafinaOrbit
    Would it be possible if this were ever to happen to SWIMs state to get a PO box in a nearby state that still allows the substance and have orders mailed there? (SWIM is about 30 minutes from a border of a near state)
  6. allyourbase
    enitrely possible, but there would then be the unavoidable risk of travelling back to swiy's home state with package in tow.
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