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  1. outside365
    Pacing, I pace, a lot.

    Here is the deal with me. I have gotten a lot of shit from friends, family, ex-wife, ex-girlfriends and others, for pacing too much.

    "Why the hell are you pacing so much?!"
    Is pacing seen as a sign of weakness? I don't think so, do you? I feel like I pace when I am thinking of something serious, especially if it is something I want to protect. Instinct is to pace to me. Why do guards pace or an animal when it is on point and protecting the goods?

    I made up my mind a while ago, Fuck you, I'm going to pace.

    I'm half joking when I bring this up, a random thought really, but not really. People have gotten truly annoyed at my pacing and I do understand it can be annoying. But I have found my place to pace. I go outside and I have my own trail that is mine. It's about thirty feet.

    I see it as a healthy practice. Now I do pace more when I smoke cannabis. But I use cannabis to get perspective and look at the now.

    I will never stop pacing, even if I end up in a wheelchair, I will find a way for that fucker to go back and forth.


  1. TFrankle
    I'm with you.

    Pacing, or if feeling particularly contemplative, a slow stroll back and forth.
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