paedophile pushed drugs on girls

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  1. psyvision2000
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    17 November 2005

    Paedophile pushed drugs on girl

    A man who offered a 12-year-old girl cocaine so she would have sex with him has been jailed.

    Victor Kelly, 62, admitted supplying the drug and sexual assault, but police believe he abused dozens of girls under 14 over the past decade.

    He was arrested after police bugged his flat in Guinness Close, Hayes, and his car for four days.

    Kelly was told he would serve half of his eight-year sentence in jail and half on licence.

    Middlesex Guildhall Crown Court heard Kelly would befriend girls' families before inviting the children back to his flat in Guinness Close, Hayes.

    There, they would watch his £2,500 television and use his computer games.

    Kelly, who like to be called Uncle Joe, would also buy them mobile phones.

    Police began to watch his flat on 11 February and arrested him a month later - prosecutor Michael Corkery QC said a "constant stream of young girls" had been seen going in.

    In a recorded tape, Dublin-born Kelly referred to cocaine as "milk" and cannabis as "butter" as he lured the 12-year-old girl into taking drugs.

    Judge Timothy Lawrence said Kelly had "groomed" the girl "with the obvious intention of ultimately involving her in sexual intercourse with you, a man in your 60s, and she a child of only 12."

    The court heard Kelly had a string of criminal convictions, including theft, burglary and drugs offences.

    Stab wounds

    But Joe Stone, defending, said he was "in the last chapter of his life", suffering serious health problems, including stab wounds from stepping in to help a stranger who was being robbed in 2002.

    He said the girl was "streetwise", and had already been exposed to drugs, and added that despite the large police operation, there had only been one complaint made against Kelly.

    But outside court, Det Chief Insp Matt Sarti described Kelly as a "ruthless man who presents a real threat to children".

    "I strongly believe that Kelly is a serial groomer and abuser of children who has preyed on other young girls in the past.

    "Therefore I would urge anyone who believes that they have been a victim to come forward in the strictest confidence."

    Kelly was sentenced for four charges including grooming a child for sexual purposes, indecent assault of a child, supplying cocaine to a child and offering to supply cocaine to a child.

    He was put on the sex offenders' register for life and the judge made an order banning him from being alone with children, or telephoning or texting them.


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  1. thegod1
    This was on the news a few days back... I really don't think it was right giving a 12 year old drugs, but having sex with her is just awful especially seeing as he's 62[​IMG]. IMO he deserves everything he gets.
  2. Sky Walker

    And of course fuck the legal system! Only 4 years in prison, absolute madness, makes me sick. How is it that someone like this, commiting such atrocious acts gets off so lightly, while most kind loving drug users such as myself could auctually get imprisoned longer for picking a naturally occuring fucking mushroom! I swear it almost brings a tear to my eye, really.

    Maximum penalties(U.K. Class A)you can face are:

    Seven years imprisonment plus an unlimited fine for possession.

    Life imprisonment plus an unlimited fine for supplying or dealing.

    Life imprisonment plus an unlimited fine for possession with intent to supply.

    Drugs convictions will also limit your traveling, some countries will not let you in, such as America and Australia, does anything similar apply to sex offenders, people who are auctually dangerous and really should be locked up, indefinitely.
  3. Barret VII
    The legal system makes me angry sometimes for that exact reason. The real evildoers, the ones that abuse other people for their own gain or just for the hell of it get bullshit sentences like this, while otherwise law-abiding,good-natured citizens that enjoy the occasional drug get fucked over with the real ass-raping sentences. What the hell happened to cause this?
  4. Sky Walker

    I think it's called RACISM.
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