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  1. Rinem
    Sometimes I'm in so much pain, I give myself a concussion without realizing it.

    I realize that sentence didn't make sense, but it's true, as is the rest of the shit I'm writing that doesn't make sense. (I can fill the holes into that sentence to make it clearer though. When I'm in so much pain that my rational mind shuts down, whatever comes in its place, thinks it's a GREAT idea to slam my head into whatever is closest. I assume it's in an attempt to transfer pain.)

    I've been to pain clinics, and after doing all the pills that don't work and the patches and shit, leaving only painkillers, they rejected me for one reason or another. Assuming they were telling me the truth, here's the reasons.

    1. I'm too young. (I'm 29.)
    2. I'm on too many benzodiazepines. (My explaining I've been on pain medicine before and never had a problem, that I don't take them together, didn't help.)
    3. I have anxiety and depression, and it was his "policy" not to give painkillers to people "like that."
    4. Because I have PTSD, if he treated the pain in one place, it would just reappear somewhere else. (This guy didn't even bother looking at my chart as to why I was there, never offered even the staples they try before the heavy drugs.)

    I need to move. The South sucks in this capacity. Thank (insert what/whom ever you believe in here) for kratom.


  1. Oxysnocone
    Hi Rinem,
    I feel your pain! However, if you moved, say, here to SoCal, you'd unfortunately have to endure the same humiliating experiences. Your description fits any number of visits I've had this year to an office that four years ago prescribed just about anything I wanted to try at any doses I felt I needed. I took a narcotics break of several years, running the gamut of the usual alternative therapies, with some success but not nearly enough. Pain drove me back to the very same pain management MD, for a decidedly different experience in 2017; whereas the MD used to sit and chat with my husband and me for an hour, I have seen her only once since my return to her practice(apparently she only sees new patients now). Whereas the MD used to listen carefully to my symptoms, and raised dosages as needed, I now see one of three surly PAs for micro-dosages of opioids that do not last the month, for which I am encouraged to feel like a drug-seeking fiend (recall that this office and MD established my high opioid tolerance that never has reversed to any degree). I have been informed that if I do not take a useless x-ray, very obviously for their record-keeping against persecution by the DEA, I could feel free to "go get my pain med managed by someone else." (I had gone to a specialist who confirmed that I did not need the x-ray, and my main specialist put me on a break from imaging, as I have had so much done over the last few years. Upon reminding the PA of the specialist's conclusion, he suggested that I could just go to that specialist for pain management. My husband nearly got in a shouting match with the guy over this issue, and he got his revenge--by cutting my monthly micro-dose--in half. No explanation. And the pharmacies are adopting contradictory policies, like claiming that if one is several days late filling a paper script, that must indicate one must not yet be out of medication, and therefore is attempting to 'hoard medication,' so sorry! Come back in a month!
    Icould go on and on, believe me--and it gives me no pleasure to have to tell you that, post-commencement of this war on opioids, chronic pain patients are being treated terribly, and are under-medicated--everywhere in this country.
    It boils my blood, further, to read the heartbreaking posts of victims of car accidents; people with damaged spines; people suffering MS and other conditions involving the screeching pain of de-myelating nerve sheaths; people like myself with intestinal disease and chronic abdominal spasms, or abdominal "migraine;" even people with end-stage disease, whose anxiety could be quelled, and who could at least be made comfortable with proper doses of opioids--even people with cancer--are writing in to pain management news sites to report and explain their decision for suicide, that death is preferable to being under-medicated and in unholy pain. I am fed up and over it, and ready to look for ways to try and get this side of the opioid story recognized. Apparently, it hasn't gotten interesting enough for the general media to report, or most likely, CNN et alia are too intimidated by the possible backlash against the demon drugs--for chrissakes, they are still tiptoeing carefully around stories of children who need CBD oil to treat their life-threatening seizure disorders! And of course, they find the term opioid "crisis" to be as sexy as "ISIS," never mind the fact that the former term demonizes necessary and useful drug therapies, and the latter glorifies terrorism by equating the whole of a peaceful religion with the despicable actions of some fringe groups...
    Ok, this rant must end. In closing, I'll note that mobilizing a body of protest from those tired, pain-wracked bodies of pain patients is not an easy proposal, but I am willing to try, and barring success there, will at least write a few pieces and try to get them some exposure.
    Rinem, I wish you all the best with your search for pain relief; let me know if you are in the mood to make formal complaint ;)
    1. Rinem
      Thank you for your well wishes and info and I wish you the best as well! I hope you find some relief. This War On Drugs is insane.
  2. Lemmecopagram
    Honestly my cat goes to a suboxone clinic. They don't give him As much shit. He does drug test once a month and spit into and into the mail it goes It's all done by app on my cats phone. They do a pill count once or twice a month by just asking him to send pictures of the foil. Easy As fuck
    1. Lemmecopagram
      I am in North Carolina btw. Used to be plenty of pain clinics. Now just a few suboxone and tons of methahell clinics. It will get better once they realize they have created a worse problem than the original minor Vicodin and Percocet problem
    2. Rinem
      Does suboxone help your Cat's pain? Depression and stuff too? How did Cat even get on it?
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