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Pair hospitalised after taking designer drug mexxy

By Hey :-), Apr 7, 2014 | | |
  1. Hey :-)
    Two people who took a designer drug have been admitted to hospital, police have said.

    The pair took mexxy (methoxetamine) and were taken to Ysbyty Gwynedd in Bangor, North Wales Police said.

    It was previously a legal high but reclassified as a class B drug, the same as cannabis, in 2012.

    Police have warned about the dangers of using mexxy, or MXE, because little is known about the risks and effects of it.

    "There have been no confirmed deaths from MXE and nobody knows the long-term risks of using it, and how similar the risks are to ketamine," PC Arwyn Tudur Jones said.

    "The investigation is ongoing and a full report will be produced. I would strongly urge those who supply or use MXE in particular to think hard about what they are doing and to stop immediately."

    Godfrey Hayes, substance misuse programme manager at Betsi Cadwaladr University Health Board, added: "This latest incident again shows the risks that come with taking drugs and other substances in ways that are not intended.

    "These risks are multiplied when people start mixing drugs, or taking them with alcohol.

    "Breathing and heart function can be affected, they may cause nausea and then choking risks, as well as putting people at greater danger of accidents."

    Photograph BBC; Mexxy/MXE was previously a legal high, now a Class B drug
    April 7 2014
    BBC News


  1. Potter
    what an uninteresting article. Did they NEED to go to the hospital, were they in danger? Or did they just freak out because they didn't know what drugs do?
  2. profesor
    I had this experience and there was no need for me to go. Family took me there because I was a little disoriented, and stupidly I thought going to the hospital would reassure them I was all right. Unfortunately the hospital staff said I had to stay and could not refuse treatment because I was intoxicated- and ONLY because they judged me to be intoxicated. I ended up going to a rehab with herion addicts and homeless alcoholics for the weekend. I no longer trust Emergency rooms and hate those doctors. Of course they were quite willing to pump me full of all sorts of antidepressants, of which I've tried every class and none has helped nearly as much as ketamine and MXE. Fuck these prescription drug pushers who have the media in their pockets (because Pfizer and the others are advertisers)
  3. Hey :-)

    I looked at three or four different sources and found no extra details.

    If there are adverse effects then this news alert may prevent more casualties, especially as sometimes conclusive reports take a while to come to press. Posting this news is erring on the side of caution/HR above entertainment value.

    It is not necessary for a harm reduction post to be interesting.
  4. Potter
    I wasn't commenting on your posting of the article, just that the article it self had no useful information. For all we know one of them broke their arm and the drug use was completely secondary.

    It's not surprising that people doing MXE could land in a hospital, it causes rather disturbing effects and actions. To an outsider, thinking someone is having a stroke is pretty reasonable, hell we thought one of our friends was having a stroke till we figured out he had stolen some drugs by dipping his finger into a bag of MXE.
  5. Hey :-)
    I know what you are saying. Nevertheless, i can only find information as it becomes available.

    In the mean time, the fact remains that a batch of MXE may have been adulterated and/or lead in some way to emergency care.

    I cannot ignore the possibility of reducing harm because of other possibilities.

    Thank you for keeping me on my toes with the News Reports though.

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