Pair jailed for bashing drug dealer who cut speed with snot

By chillinwill · Nov 24, 2009 · ·
  1. chillinwill
    TWO men bashed a drug dealer and ran him over because he had added his own mucus to amphetamine deals, making his customers ill, an Adelaide court has heard.

    Roy Morris James Bateman, 29, and Richard Robert Charles Wilde, 30, were today sentenced in the Supreme Court for the attack.

    In sentencing, Justice Michael David said Bateman had planned the attack after learning the victim had "tampered" with the methamphetamine he was selling by "placing mucus from his nose" in the drug.

    Justice David said the dealer had been heard saying "people who inject these drugs deserve to get sick".

    The pair concocted the plan to bash the dealer to "tell him to stop doing what he was doing with the drug".

    They arranged to meet the dealer in September last year at Torrensville, when they began hitting him with a baseball bat.

    Justice David said Bateman, who was driving, had a more serious role to play because he hit the victim "sending him over the top of the bonnet of the car and into the road".

    Bateman then ran over the victim.

    Justice David said that had not been deliberate, "but done in a reckless manner".

    He said Wilde had left the scene not long after the attack, while Bateman torched the car.

    Bateman was sentenced to eight years and nine months in prison with a non-parole period of five years and 10 months.

    Wilde was ordered to serve four years and nine months in jail with a non-parole period of two years and 11 months.

    November 24, 2009
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  1. Birkill
    I take it this bloke died or nearly then judging by the hefty prison terms, pretty manky cutiing drugs with body fluids, swim heard of a bloke who apparently cut his amphetamines with snot to make it seem more wet and pasteie, egh!!!
  2. kailey_elise
    That is so fucking gross.

    If you have a problem with people using drugs in some manner, why sell them at all?

    Very strange.

  3. Sven99
    cutting meth with mucus? would that even be possible?
  4. mickey_bee
    Having experienced god knows how many scummy dealers in his time, including a host of dealers who later turned out to be murderers and torturers, he does kind of find it hard to feel sympathy for them. Essentially, when it comes to the dealing of addictive drugs, unless the dealer is hooked themselves and trying to fund their own habit, you have to be a pretty f**king nasty individual. Knowing that your product causes so much misery to all of your customers, and in some cases death, aswell as being responsible for enabling new-users to begin their deadly career.

    Obviously, putting a bit of snot into the drugs your selling isn't the same as torturing someone, but the general idea is the same. The f**king 'powder power'.
    While swim firmly believes that physical punishment of any kind has no place in any civilised society, he doesn't really care about this guy.
    If you're going to enter the underworld and profit of peoples pain and death, then you should accept that there may well be consequences, especially if you overly f**k around with your customers, like this guy.
  5. Sven99
    Its all well and good to make moral judgements, but the simple fact is that if there's easy money to be made, some people will take the chance. Instead of decrying the evils of the current generation of drug dealers, we should be doing something to remove the lure for future generations.
  6. Electric Wizard
    This is why SWIM refuses to join his friend's mephedrone selling business.
  7. DarkWhysper
    Covers everything I felt reading that. I understand those guys with the bats though, I would be so disgusted and angry if I found out someone was doing that to people. Doubt they were just gonna hurt him though, every story SWIM's ever heard involving meeting and beating up an evil dealer included stealing their money and/or drugs.
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