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Panama Authorities Make another Big Cocaine Seizure

  1. buseman
    [IMGL=white]https://www.drugs-forum.com/forum/picture.php?albumid=1242&pictureid=9641"][/IMGL]PANAMA CITY – Panamanian authorities seized roughly four tons of cocaine at a hideout along the Caribbean coast, 24 hours after confiscating another three tons of that drug, an official spokesperson said Saturday.

    This second seizure by the National Aeronaval Service, or Senan, occurred Friday near the mouth of the Belen River, almost 300 kilometers (185 miles) northwest of Panama City and near the site of the first seizure at the mouth of the Concepcion River, the spokesman for that institution, Vladimir Rodriguez, said.

    He told Efe that 4,926 packets of cocaine were seized at the mouth of the Belen River (near the port city of) Colon, but there are no detainees.

    Rodriguez said this latest operation was the continuation of another carried out Thursday in the central province of Veraguas, some 300 kilometers northwest of Panama City, that led to the first drug seizure.

    Senan and the National Police seized three tons of cocaine Thursday after a chase in which the occupants of a speedboat abandoned the vessel and remain at large, Rodriguez said.

    These two operations have resulted in the biggest drug seizures this year in Panama and raised the total amount of narcotics confiscated in 2010 by Panamanian security forces to 79 tons.

    Senan alone has seized 19 tons of drugs with the last quarter of 2010 still to come, and has already exceeded the 17 tons confiscated last year, Rodriguez said.

    The drugs were taken to the Vasco Nuñez de Balboa aeronaval base.

    This week’s anti-narcotics operations were launched thanks to an intelligence tip from the Colombian military, which alerted Panamanian authorities to the movements of a suspicious 50-foot launch with four outboard motors, a rifle and a satellite telephone.



  1. buseman
    Panama Announces Another Big Drug Seizure

    PANAMA CITY – The Panamanian government announced Monday the end of an anti-drug operation that resulted in the seizure of a total of 7.9 tons of Colombian cocaine in recent days.

    With an estimated street value of $1 billion, the drugs were destined for 13 different criminal organizations in the United States, national police chief Gustavo Perez told a press conference in Panama City.

    All these kilos have different labels and each one of them has a designation, which are the different organizations to which the drug was destined (to be shipped), which would have arrived at a single place, at Colon (on Panama’s Caribbean coast), for its redistribution, Perez said while displaying the seized drug.

    Panama’s Servicio Nacional Aeronaval, known as SENAN, last Friday seized 4.9 tons of cocaine in a hideout located at the mouth of the Belen River, about 300 kilometers (186 miles) northwest of the capital.

    The seizure came 24 hours after SENAN had seized another three tons at the mouth of the Concepcion River, also northwest of the capital, after police pursued and exchanged gunfire with the drug traffickers.

    Perez said that the anti-drug activities on the Atlantic coast will be intensified with the aim of breaking up the trafficking organizations operating in that sector.

    We’ve established certain control points to try and eradicate once and for all that route which, according to intelligence reports, has many stations and contact points, he said.

    With last week’s operations, so far this year authorities have seized almost 80 tons of illegal drugs in Panama, compared with 54.3 tons during all of 2009.


  2. buseman
    Drugs Seized in Colon Were Destined For 13 Trafficking Organizations in the United States

    The National Police director, Gustavo Perez said in a press conference the cocaine seized in two raids last last week was destined for 13 different drug trafficking organizations in the United States.

    All of these kilos of cocaine were each marked with different logos, each of them signifying a different organization to which the drug was intended to be delivered, but which was sent to just one place - Colon - for redistribution, said the police chief when showing the drugs to reporters.

    Panama's National Air Service (SENAN) seized 7.9 tons of cocaine in just 48 hours. On Friday 4.9 tons of cocaine were discovered in a cache located at the mouth of the Rio Belen, and on Thursday 3 tons were seized at the mouth of the Rio Concepción, after a chase at sea and a shootout with drug traffickers.

    This is the largest single seizure of cocaine in the history of the country, done in a week by the National Air Service team (SENAN) and the National Police (PN), Perez said.

    The director said operations along the Atlantic coast will be intensified, with the intention to dismantle the organizations operating in the sector.

    We have established certain checkpoints to try to eradicate that route once and for all, which according to intelligence reports has many stations and contact points, Perez said.

    On the other hand, the deputy director of the PN, Eduardo Serracín, told Efe the Atlantic coast is ideal for drug traffickers because they can use their speedboats, and that in the Pacific sector there is much more vigilance due to the existence of three recently established Panamanian outposts.

    According to Government statistics, in 2009 a total of 54.3 tons of cocaine were seized, mostly cocaine, and that since 2005 a total of 226.6 tons have been seized. (Panama America)


    September 27 2010
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