Panic about New Drug, Yet No One Has Seen It

By chillinwill · Nov 13, 2008 · ·
  1. chillinwill
    The media in countries of the former Yugoslavia are flooded with news about a new drug packaged as chewing gum, but nobody has seen it.

    ZAGREB, CROATIA – The panic that arose regarding a new drug on the market which is allegedly packaged as candy, that is, chewing gum, chocolate bars or gummy bears, is unnecessary and premature, psychiatrist Slavko Sakoman, famous for treating Croatian drug addicts, believes. The head of the Croatian police director’s office, Krunoslav Borovec, agrees with him and says that there has been no confiscation of any similar substances in Croatia.

    - At the moment we have no information about that kind of drug, nor did we have any confiscations of these drugs – Borovec told us. Despite claims from Montenegrin media that the drug is travelling on the “Balkan route” to countries of West Europe, no neighbouring countries have confiscated any such drugs either and nobody knows anything about the chewing gum-drug.

    Apparently the drug is sold to Montenegrin high school students, it looks like candy, it is five more powerful than ecstasy and its ingredients are cannabis and opium.

    Serbian media say the country of origin is Kosovo, which was allegedly confirmed to them by the American Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA). But neither Serbia, like Croatia, nor Bosnia have intercepted any such packets or tested the make-up of the drug.

    But, if the Serbian Press is to be believed, the chewing gums are travelling from Kosovo through two channels. First via Sandzak towards Bosnia and Croatia and the other via two Albanian ports towards Italy.

    Preparing the market

    In his statement to the media, Dr. Slavko Sakoman, the biggest authority on narcotics in Croatia, said he had no knowledge of the new drug, despite the fact that he is constantly studying the illegal drug market.

    Sakoman said that a report he received from the European drugs centre a few days ago has no mention of the new narcotic.

    Also, Sakoman said, the media are exaggerating while pointing out what the drug looks like, since its make-up is much more important than the way it looks.

    But there is a possibility that the information about a new candy on the streets is a marketing move for something that is yet to arrive on the market, says Sakoman.

    By M.J.
    November 12, 2008

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  1. fnord
    Might be fun to start al kinds of rumors,notify the local police/schools/newwspapers about how this is alrady flooding the US market.

    Lets play there game! ~spread fear and panic everywhere!!!

    On a side not grandma once found 3 different folded up pieces of paper on the ground with similar gum like stuff in it on the ground while looking for ground scores in the parking lot of a music show.grandma and friend though by the stlye of packaging and the similar shape of all the chunks of gummy stuff that they had found some sort of drug but never tried it.
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