Paper beating Meth drum a little too loud

By renegades · Feb 23, 2007 · Updated Aug 24, 2008 · ·
  1. renegades
    In swim new searches she came across something strange. The News Tribune out of Washington state had two stories regarding meth in which both sounded similar. Read ahead:

    There is one truism in America and that is the Press never gets it right. They always imagine the problem bigger than it really is. It seems they are more interested in making the news instead of just reporting it. Only 400,000 people are daily meth users compared to 1,600,000 daily cocaine users in the United States. One thing coke does is it puts you in the poor house. It is just a bad menace as crystal even worse from swims experience. But coke is cool so no one really picks on coke users in the press, but they go out of their way calling meth users scum. Not everyone who uses meth gets addicted to meth, some do and some don't just like with other drugs. But if used too much it can have a harmful effect on the brain, body and teeth. But does this warrant 2 news stories in three days about meth when both stories sounded alike. Shame on the News Tribune for whipping up hysteria regarding a drug used by .3 percent of the population. Why not go back to what you done very well for over three years and that was bashing Bush everyday about Iraq. Narrow-minded press corp... They are just idiots. Anyone on the street can tell you that the quality of the meth has skyrocketed, prices have come down and one can find it anywhere. These turds in the press want you to believe all that legislation passed in the Patriot Act to stop meth (never did quite get the connection between AL Qaeda and meth but Nancy Pelosi insisted on it) precursors. Now they have a much bigger problem, higher the quality the easier to get hooked. The drug lords know this. Meth use to be 40-60 percent pure, now it is usually 99% pure. Thanks to the patriot act. And thank you nancy pelosi for making all this possible.

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  1. Racoonster
    What they have acheived, once again, is driving out the local supplier of meth, who was probably a small batch cooker, who may or may not be a violent person who cares nothing for the people in his town, and replaced him with an out of town or out of country supplier.

    And these out of town dealers have proved over and over that they ARE violent and care nothing for this community, with which they have no ties.

    SO, I guess in a way, they have managed to erase the doubt over whether the meth problem is serious or not, by guaranteeing that it IS.

    Way to go!! Darwin would be proud....:thumbsup:
  2. l.nikon69
    I read these stories on the Drug war and the propaganda they, being news outlets and others that conttol what information non-thinking America gets, continually spew out and wonder is it only me that thinks what a bunch of shi¿, Drugs do bad things but so does the presecution, intimidation, and racketering for profitsl that is at the foundation of these articles. There must be allot of money to be made by our government in the war on druggs because we sure have stayed in this losing battle, that good ol Nancy R got us in, well past the point of surrender. If it was victory they wanted it would have happen on the home front by finding way tohelp the people that truely need it addicts and the community. But no lets stick our chests out and proudly boast our sucess at driving funds that could go to health care, schools , etc and used it to drive revenue and tax dollars to cartels and foriegn government pockets. Excellent job really everyone, it was once that trouble farret could walk to his neighbor hood dealer pick up some ice, knowing where he got if from. Luckly with new laws he now gets to travel thru war field to get what he hopes is ok stuff and fears may be that new cut up twisted shit that is causing people to lose their minds. T. Farret want me to thank you for allowing him to vent. Just hoping to see a news article that shows the truth anytime the government gets involved you know that its now going to be more F'd up than ever:rolleyes:
  3. skinbird2316

    I would love to agree with the fact that the number of cooks are decressing but no in fact they are only finding other ways and meins to making the drug they don't cook it any more they grow it less stress larger profit and way more addicting. Millions of people struggle to overcome addiction very few succeed compaired to the amount of the addict that fail.
  4. bobes
    I don't understand your reference to growing meth as opposed to cooking it. My understanding is that "cook" is still the appropriate term to apply to any manufacturing method I an aware of.
  5. Aloha
    Yep. The only way to grow meth is to stay up 3+ days on it. Then you'll grow some meth and probably have a friendly chat with a demon or two :)
  6. yodog
    rip that's me right now. rofl. crazy how the original articles are 10 years old and yup, meth is still here!

    But man i clearly remember when that shit happened, and the bomb meth got super bomb then they realized oh shit this drug is too powerful when it's by itself as it reduces the freqency to buy quantity. and now here we are where half the time the shit we get were not eveb syre if it's even meth. it's like buying cocaine or some MDMA pills and then getting pulled over only to find out they can't charge you cuz u dont have any illegal substances on you. haha oh man how things have changed.
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