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Parents arrested for hiding pot in diaper

By BlueMystic · Jul 2, 2005 ·
  1. BlueMystic
    http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/content/article/2005/07 /01/AR2005070100066.html

    Parents arrested for hiding pot in diaper

    By Associated Press

    MOUNDSVILLE, W.Va. -- The parents of a five-month old child face charges after the mother allegedly tried to get marijuana to the father by smuggling it into the Northern Regional Jail in the baby's diaper.

    The father, Jason Michael Wren, 29, of Scio, Ohio, was arraigned Thursday on a felony charge of conspiring to bring a controlled substance into a correctional facility. Wren's bond was set at $5,000. No preliminary hearing has been set. Wren has been lodged in the jail since November.

    The mother, Mallory Renee McGrail, 20, of Jewett, Ohio, was charged June 18 with felony delivery of a controlled substance into a correctional facility, said West Virginia State Police Trooper R. M. Hogan. She remains jailed on a $5,000 bond. A preliminary hearing was scheduled for Friday in Marshall County Magistrate Court.

    Hogan said less than 15 grams of marijuana was seized from McGrail by a corrections officer.

    The officer ordered McGrail to remove the baby's diaper when she came to visit Wren, her fiance. As she removed the diaper, McGrail attempted to hide something under the baby's bottom, Hogan said. The corrections officer ordered her to hand it over. McGrail then allegedly surrendered a package of a green, leafy substance that later tested positive for marijuana, police reports said.

    Hogan contacted state Child Protective Services workers and the child was turned over to a relative of Wren.

    McGrail told police that Wren asked her, by mail and by telephone, to bring him some marijuana when she came to visit him. Wren took responsibility for the incident, Hogan noted, saying McGrail "never would have done it" if he hadn't told her to deliver the drugs.

    Wren is currently serving a 60-year prison sentence for a first-degree robbery conviction in Ohio County, according to a circuit clerk.


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