Parents in the Dark about Desert Raves

By chillinwill · Aug 22, 2009 · ·
  1. chillinwill
    ALBUQUERQUE (KRQE) - Raves are all the rage this summer although a Bernalillo County gang detective believes parents would be shocked by their kids' behavior at these parties in the desert.

    BCSO Gang Detective Nathan Lerner says parents would be shocked by their kids' behavior.

    Earlier this summer Detective Nathan Lerner, with the approval of Valencia County investigators, took a video camera to a rave to document what was going on. He was in uniform and told kids where he worked.

    On the video, one can see girls scantily dressed and everyone dancing to music. Glow sticks and other lights are flickering.

    "We did see a lot of younger kids showing the signs of being high on the drug MDMA, which is ecstasy ," Lerner told KRQE News 13.

    A mother who didn't want her identity revealed said she went with her 16-year-old daughter to a rave on the Pajarito Mesa in southwest Bernalillo County.

    "We were told it was kids getting together dancing having a good time," she said. "It was a lot more.

    "It was trance music ; it was alcohol, drugs. Little girls, probably around12 years old all the way up to maybe in their 20s even walking around with nothing but panties and bras on."

    The mother also said she was offered alcohol and Ecstasy and saw the pills passed around. The girls with only a small amount of clothing were dry fornicating, she added.

    There were a couple hundred people at the rave.

    Lerner took News 13 to a patch of land on the Pajarito Mesa where the landowner said his nephew had a rave a couple of weeks ago.

    There were water bottles and glow sticks littering the ground. Lerner said about 100 people were there but didn't pay attention to what they were doing.

    A stage for the DJ was constructed and a disco ball hangs from a pole.

    Raves are not hard to find. There are flyers and information on the Web, and deputies said you get a phone number to get directions.

    The Albuquerque mother says the evidence is not hard to find that your kids are attending raves. For one they wear pacifiers, she said.

    According to deputies the pacifiers stop kids from grinding their teeth, which is a side effect of Ecstasy.

    The kids also like to wear colorful beads as bracelets.

    Investigators said organized raves are much more different than outdoor raves. When they're held at clubs, they're usually in a controlled environment.

    Still police raided Club 7 in downtown Albuquerque last summer during a rave. Officers said kids were high and partially dressed.

    Detectives said there are some clues that your kid could be going to raves. Those include glow sticks, vapor rub, pacifiers, cheap plastic beads and bandanas or other masks.

    They also suggested parents talk to their children about the dangers of the consequences of drugs and alcohol at these parties.

    Reporter: Kim Holland
    August 20, 2009

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  1. SullyGuy
    Oh God! Trance music! Think of the children, for Gods sake! The children!

    Dance culture/music isn't always synonymous with drugs! (Though I have to admit... :laugh:)
  2. ninjaned
    yeah if your kids are wearing beads then they do methylenedioxymethamphetamine. thats exactly right. and if they like to wear nirvana shirts they do heroin. and if they skateboard then they smoke pot. i hate peoples ignorance.
  3. shhpongebob
    indoor raves are good, they say, because maybe they think that indoor crappy music and diluted drinks and drugs is ok then?

    rave=party. no duh there drugs at big parties. scantily clad women? oh no, it must be that desert setting and music turning you children into whores. (welll i guess that music is a bad influence... just like the crap on the radio.)
  4. Potter
    Funny, I go to a yearly festival (started my Tim Leary) where people of all ages go naked (sometimes entire families), all sorts of intoxicants get passed around, weird drumming well past dawn... and not once in the 15 years that it's been held at the campgrounds has anyone gotten raped.

    This is what happens when families don't spend time together.

    It's funny, after an hour or so at a clothing optional campground you don't even notice it, most people just aren't that sexy naked. Girls who have image issues very quickly realize that by and large people are pretty unattractive naked and find they feel much more comfortable with themselves afterward.
  5. missparkles
    Walking round in bra and the hot...arid...desert?
    Sounds like any beach, no one would complain about bikini's...would they?

    Dry that what used to be called dry humping?

    Sounds awful when you say it...but again the reality is much different. Try the word...dancing?

    The pills, music and alcohol are just a normal part of growing up. Sometimes I think it's the parents who need to grow the fuck up?


    Wish my kids would offer to take me to a rave?:s
  6. yaba
    You tell them sparkles !!!

    When swim was 13 he would smoke heroine, crack, take pills, speed everything he could get his hand on, which was a lot.. Then swim went to his first party he granny said: please don't go but if you do be careful.. Someone might put something in your drink and you might end up next to a naked woman, perfect party he thinks !!

    People aren't used to things or aren't willing to accept how they are now. Drugs are a part of life for most people and if swim was better educated (told the truth) he might have been different..

    Swim is happy to have experienced the ecstasy years in his life when he went to night clubs, after hours, afternoon booms, where everyone was of there face and in swims group of friends they used to go on and on for days on a diet of MDMA. And he has to say he had the time of his life !!! Happy to see some people who are enjoying life before they are to old.
  7. teagy
    hehe quality (parents need grow up )swim guilty :)
    warm summer evenings ,nice large outside decked area
    fridge full of cold beers a few naughty rcs
    a few fellow swimmers some nice early italian piano
    \o/ \\o o// and we are off
  8. missparkles
    Sparkles has four kids (3 boys and one girl) but she really wouldn't wanna go out partying with em. (they couldn't keep up with her tbh;))
    She educated them about the risks attached to all behaviour, told them everything (from all sides) then had to let go. She had to trust them, hope they'd remember what she'd told them. When her kids did have problems (as all kids do) nothing was taboo, out of bounds, everything was up for discussion. Giving them all of the facts, (by extension this sent a clear message to her kids that nothing was too bad/wrong to be talked about) was all she could do, she couldn't stop them experimenting, trying new things.
    She believes that as a result of her open-ness (not her permission) they talked to her about everything.
    Parents need to trust their kids. By following them around, trying to control their every move parents are telling their kids they don't trust them.This particular mum (in the article) is just shouting from the rooftops "I'm a crap mum, yes I brought my daughter up, but after listening to me for 12-16 years she's still so uneducated about life, she does stupid things" which says a lot about her parenting skills, doesn't it?
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