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  1. SamanthaRabbit
    Couple behind bars after methadone found in baby

    Kokomo, Ind. — The parents of a 15-month-old baby girl in Kokomo have been arrested after investigators say near lethal levels of methadone was found inside the child's body.

    The apartment the girl was found in was more than 20 degrees warmer than the outside temperature. The child was found in a pack and play crib were investigators say there were spots that looked the same as liquid narcotics found inside the home.

    Lab results that took several weeks to come back determined that the child had access to two baby bottles that both had alcohol in them. The child's parents, 20-year-old Basil McCoy and 22-year-old Jessica Deaton are each charged with one count of neglect of a dependent a class C felony.

    Emergency room doctors say they can't do much for babies who ingest methadone or other narcotics.

    "You put a tube down their throat and breath for them and then wait for the medicine to clear from their system and hope that it doesn't cause damage," said Dr. Keith Ennis with St. Joseph Hospital.

    According to court documents, both McCoy and Deaton have not cooperated with police during the investigation but both told officers back in July they were not aware their baby had ingested liquid methadone.

    The McCoy baby had not had this happen before but family members say there had been signs of trouble before. According to court documents, relatives have accused the baby's mother of losing the child at a T.J. Maxx store two months before the incident. Also it's alleged the parents sold methadone for $8 a pill and these family members claim neither of the child's parents worked.

    November 29, 2010

    Parents charged in drugged baby case

    The parents of a Kokomo toddler were arrested Sunday evening on child neglect charges, almost five months after the child nearly died at a Kokomo hospital.

    Kokomo police said the girl, who was 15 months old on July 2, had the narcotic drug methadone in her system.

    Jessica Deaton, 22, and Basil McCoy, 20, were both charged earlier this month with child neglect as a class C felony, shortly after crime lab test results allegedly confirmed what doctors already had suspected.

    Police said the child was unresponsive due to a near fatal overdose on July 2, when paramedics were called to the apartment Deaton and McCoy shared.

    The child was taken to Howard Regional Health System and then transferred to Riley Children’s Hospital in Indianapolis, where she was stabilized.

    Kokomo Police Lt. Don Whitehead said the baby spent several days at Riley recovering from the overdose. He said the state now has custody of the child, and that the child has not been back with the parents since the incident.

    Numerous marks, apparently from burns, were discovered on the child’s body at the hospital, police said.

    Both Deaton and McCoy were dependent on methadone at the time of the incident, according to a probable cause affidavit filed by police.

    According to the National Institutes of Health, methadone is a narcotic analgesic used to prevent withdrawal symptoms in patients who were addicted to opiate drugs and are enrolled in treatment programs.

    Both parents were taking the drug in liquid form daily, and numerous bottles of the liquid drug were found in the apartment by police, according to a probable cause affidavit filed in Howard Circuit Court.

    Police also said lab results indicated two of the infant’s bottles had traces of alcohol in them.

    Whitehead said the parents did not cooperate with the police investigation, and both denied intentionally giving the baby the methadone.

    “How the child got a near-lethal dose — how that happened — we don’t all agree on,” Whitehead said.

    “There was no proof [the parents gave the baby methadone],” he added. “You’d like to think nobody does that to their kids.”

    According to the affidavit, Deaton told police she took other narcotic prescription medication in addition to the methadone. Deaton said she and McCoy also sold pills to make money. Police said neither parent was employed.

    Paramedics said the infant was “unconscious and limp” when they arrived at the apartment the morning of July 2. They said the child was taking just three breaths per minute.

    At Howard Regional, doctors inserted a breathing tube and administered Narcan, a drug commonly used to counteract the effects of an opiate overdose. Doctors told police the child responded positively to the Narcan, an indication that the child had been dosed with opiates.

    Police expected both parents to turn themselves in after charges were filed Nov. 5, but neither Deaton nor McCoy surrendered voluntarily. Howard Circuit Court Judge Lynn Murray issued arrest warrants for Deaton and McCoy last week.

    Both parents bonded out of the Howard County jail Sunday.

    November 29, 2010


  1. kailey_elise
    I'm sorry, I know this is very serious & everything, but...what on EARTH does the fact that the "apartment was more than 20 degrees warmer than the outside temperature" have to do with ANYTHING?!

    Also, without knowing WHAT the temperature was, this information means diddly squat. I mean, if it's only 40 degrees outside, one would HOPE the temperature in the house was 'more than 20 degrees higher' than the outside temperature, right? *baffled* In addition, the parents sound like lower-income folk; many times in "low income housing" one doesn't have control over the heat and the apartments are BOILING HOT - this well-known phenomena is referred to as "Project Heating" in my area. ;) In fact, I don't currently live in a 'project', but have no control over the heat in my 3rd floor apartment in this 3 Family Building, which means it's often 80+ degrees in my apartment and I have to have a window open all winter long!

    It's just...this story is so awful on it's own - I don't understand why it's needed to mention that the temperature in the apartment is greater than the temperature outside (after all, this could be a good thing, for cripes sake!) and what the point of adding it to the article is. It just makes no sense, especially without knowing what the actual temperatures are! *shakes head*

    Good luck & blessings to that baby - the baby's gonna need it in life! Let's hope she ends up with a better life than what she was recently in, and that she suffers no permanent damage from her brushes with death! :(

  2. EscapeDummy
    How fucking sick. I knew it was going to be some idiots barely out of the teen years. It makes me sick that people like this have children, and this is the type of thing that gives drugs a bad name.
  3. Terrapinzflyer
    Well, it IS Fox News reporting... ;) But seriously- local news meant for local consumption. Kokomo Indiana, checking the weather there now it was likely in the 20˚-40˚F range outside meaning 40˚-60˚ inside- and judging by the fact they mention it probably was on the lower end...
  4. Killa Weigha
    Baby was found in July. Suggest it was at leas 90 in the house, probably hotter.
  5. Nanashi
    That is a sad story. Best believe kailey will be keeping the methadone under lock and key at all times when the baby is born and all throughout her childhood.
    I would never want this to happen to our daughter, intentional or not.

    I know this is an old thread...but..even if it was unintentional they should be held responsible.
  6. ex-junkie
    Temperature affects arterial blood gases, which are also affected by arterial pH in relation to things like metabolic and respiratory acidosis/alkalosis. Drug overdose is a metabolic issue and therefore temperature will have an effect on the severity of overdose in relation to the body's response to overdose and the compensatory mechanisms. In relation to the oxygen/haemoglobin dissociation curve, increased temperature will shift the curve to the right and decreased temperature shifts the curve to the left. So to be scientifically anal, the temperature is actually a significant factor in the outcome of the baby's condition.

    edit: also, babies and children are much more susceptible to dehydration r/t heat. This is well documented and researched. A temperature 20 degrees higher during July would imply that the baby is more susceptible to dehydration, worsened haemodynamics r/t overdose, changed partial pressures of blood gases due to temperature increase, shift of oxygen/haemoglobin dissociation curve to the right, activation of body's compensatory mechanisms to restore homeostasis.. the list goes on. These things lead to brain damage, renal damage, cardiac arrhythmias, blood pressure fluctuations, etc, etc, etc...

    ^Just applying a critical thinking perspective to this case.
  7. kailey_elise
    Yeah, I think the fact that the article came out in December didn't have me considering that it was likely summertime.

    90+ in an apartment is awful for any baby. :'( Hell, it's a hard temperature for me to deal with, as a full-grown adult with all my bodily processes in working order.

  8. Diamond_Gurl1
    This is so sad and infuriating! I really hope the child is placed with a loving and sober couple.
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