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Parents Nabbed After Boy, 11, Takes Photos of Their Pot Stash

    Kid was sick of smelling pot

    An 11-year-old boy was so sick of smelling the pot his parents were smoking took pictures of their stash and had them sent to police, according to cops.

    The Minnesota boy told police his mom and stepfather smoked the drug constantly and that he often complained, but to no avail. After the photos were sent, drug agents served a search warrant on their home in Ravenna Township near Hastings and arrested Heidi Siebenaler, a Dakota County probation supervisor, and her husband, Mark Siebenaler. The allegedly found eight pounds of the drug in the master bedroom, according to KMSP-TV.

    "These allegations raise moral concerns and legal concerns," said Washington County Attorney Pete Orput, according to the Minneapolis Star-Tribune. "It's disappointing when someone in law enforcement gets caught breaking the law. In this case it is particularly disappointing."

    A criminal complaint says the boy took the matter to his biological father, who told him to take photos of the marijuana. The father then forwarded the photos to authorities.

    Mark Siebenaler said he smokes marijuana for medicinal purposes, which is not legal in Minnesota.

    "I smoke marijuana and I'm not ashamed to say it," he told KMSP-TV.

    By Greg Wilson | Wednesday, Nov 16, 2011 | Updated 11:22 AM EST



  1. el k
    It smeel more like an idea from an addult., who know exactly which evidence he need to create problem...poor kid if he ad been used against his mother....if not, real bad kids...i doesn t imagine problems the mom gonna get with her new husband....the kid probably will start living with his father....
    sounds like a couple with big anger try to fuck each other...
  2. Nujabes
    I have no idea what the poster above me is trying to say, grammar school sounds like an excellent idea for you!

    The story is an entertaining one, and 8 lbs!? A bit excessive it seems... In my opinion the public should be required to take a test on parenting if they are going to have offspring. Some people shouldn't reproduce if they can't handle being responsible caregivers.
  3. EscapeDummy

    8lbs is definitely excessive, and it's a bit harder to convince people of your medical usage when you have such large amounts lying around. I do want to point out, though, that while ideally a parenting test sounds great, it also sounds like the first step towards eugenics.
  4. Euthanatos93420
    ....because it's so easy to get a refill on that prescription, why you gotta hoard? /sarc
  5. Valseedian
    plus the obvious facts that when you buy 10lb at a time you pay the same thing as if you buy 2lb in many locales.. the transport is what you're paying for, not the product, remember... you're paying for the risk every person who handles it has to take, Not the actual commodity..

    if weed were legal, it would be FREE. people would plant seeds everywhere and if u couldn't find someone willing to share with you just to have someone to share with, you aren't looking very hard.
  6. Mindless
    There's an interesting question there. Can drug users, in this case cannabis users, be responsible parents? At what point does drug use impair a parent's ability to raise children?

    I'm not sure that I can come up with a definitive answer to this one, so maybe each case needs to be considered separately. It don't think that possession of a large amount of weed is a reliable indicator that this couple were not fit parents.
  7. missparkles
    Sorry if this post is a little off topic, but I just wanted to ask if you've considered giving this question a thread of it's own? I think it would stimulate an incredible amount of interest. As for the question itself, would parents with chronic pain issues on strong opiates be considered bad parents?

  8. runnerupbeautyqueen
    I think the boy might regret his decision in a few years when/if he starts paying for his drugs.

    Could you imagine calling up all your dealers and getting "the number you have dialed has been disconnected" and thinking "man, it would sure be nice if I could get some weed down the hall."
  9. kailey_elise
    I feel bad for the kid, both because it seems he's being used as a pawn in a relationship-gone-bad, but also because his guardians had so little fucking respect for him as to maybe confine the smoking to the bedroom, or sunporch, or whatever.

    I don't smoke cannabis. I don't like the way it makes me feel, and now I get drug tested. I don't think it's out of line to ask that people in the house not smoke cannabis in the common areas. I popped dirty for cannabis on a drug test years ago because my roommates (who were my brother & boyfriends) and their friends C-O-N-S-T-A-N-T-L-Y smoked in the living room. The front door opened into the living room - there was no avoiding it. There were plenty of times I ended up slightly high against my will, because of the smoking of others in my home, in the open common areas.

    Perhaps if they'd had a little more respect for the child & his desire not to be a part of the situation, they wouldn't have ended up in this position. I, personally, would have been a bit more fucking discreet with my drug use, if I knew I had EIGHT FUCKING POUNDS OF CANNABIS in the house!

    Now, this also could have been a situation where the kid had been recently "DARE-ised" & was all anti-drug. But the fact that he said they smoked "constantly" leads me to believe that might not have been (totally?) the issue...

  10. Mindless
    A good suggestion and I'll get on it shortly. I don't think many people would consider use of prescribed opiate analgesia as a cause of poor parent care.

    So does there have to be a difference in attitudes when the same substance is not prescribed? Maybe not. Anyway, I've yet to meet a 100% flawless parent (apart from my dear old mother).
  11. southern girl
    Once again, extremely off topic and I second giving it a thread of its own, because *I* am one of those parents with chronic pain issues on strong opiates. I really, really, really, hope that that is *NOT* the general consensus on the subject because I would be extremely.....um...well..crushed to be honest. This is a constant insecurity of mine.

    Anyway, enough derailing the thread and I really hope someone gives this topic a thread of its own because I would love to see what people think. Not just about opiate using parents but any drug use as a parent.

    Much Love

  12. Mindless
  13. Euthanatos93420
    As nuch as I know about DARE being a crock I can't let it pass. check the article again. Kid's motivation was separated parent's warfare and he was caught in the middle with dad pushing him to snitch with evidence.
  14. Herbs&Hopes
    Well, what if they had an outdoor farm, you know, grew it like, once a year, harvested it all, and kept it as personal. It is not that far fetched, if people farm it to sell, of course med users who smoke day in and day out are going to farm in large quantities and keep it all. I would if I had the space and a working back for all the labour. I am scripted 2 grams a day, that is 400 a month, wasted on herb. If I could supply my own, in one or two grow sesh's a year, I would be set and able to spend this money on many other things. Weed is far too expanesive, this article makes me sick. Fuck if the 11 year old had to smell it all the time he should have simply moved in with his father.

    His dick-headed father needs a smack upside the head with a car; completely used his son as a pawn in his scheme to get back at his ex-wife and her new husband that is so blatantly clear. I would be interested if his claims were substantiated, does he have MS or anything that requires large amounts of pot? If that became a fact, then I could totally understand his stash being 8lbs. You know after a decade of blazing an individual does NOT get high, it fixes there body up, but there mind is more or less immune at this point. These parents were not so stoned they were not functional, if they were not functional, how did they procure 8lbs? I hate reading this shit. Fuck prohibition up the ass with a 20 foot pole, fuck people who support prohibition, go fuck yourself. Walk a day in the shoes of a patient who requires any medicine to get out of bed and nobody would be for prohibition, or for anything that jacks prices of meds skyhigh.
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