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Parrot put on anti-depressants after being locked in closet for 3 years

  1. Rob Cypher
    A parrot was locked in a garage for three years after repeatedly shouting the name of his owner's dead wife in front of his new partner.

    The Congo African Grey, called Roy, was so traumatised by his imprisonment he plucked out almost all his feathers.

    But the 26-year-old bird is now being nursed back to health after being rescued by the UK's only parrot 'psychologist', Elaine Henley.

    The Glasgow-based clinical behaviourist has helped owners of stressed parrots across the world deal with their pets' swearing, squawking and self-harming.

    Ms Henley said: "I cover all kinds of problematic behaviour with parrots from swearing, to biting to feather-plucking which is essentially the birds self harming.

    "They're incredibly human-like and have really quite complex needs. It's all about socialising and the right diet which when lacking can cause some really erratic behaviour in them."

    The 44-year-old recently helped rescue Roy from a cold, dark garage in the south of England where he was kept in a small dogs cage.

    She said parrot was very attached to his owner's wife, Sarah, and was in the habit of shouting her name.

    Roy kept shouting Sarah's name even after she died and carried on when the owner's new partner moved in.

    He had little access to food and water in the garage with only a brass bell for company.

    Ms Henley admitted: "Roy takes prozac because he's so traumatised from his years in the garage which he will never get over.

    "Before a vet prescribes the drug, though, they'll explore all other possible options that can be used to try stop their stress and troublesome behaviour."

    The bird's vet has prescribed him 0.1ml of Amitriptyline a day - the same form of prozac which is also given to humans.

    Ms Henley, who has another pet parrot called Milo, said things are looking up for Roy and he is settling into his new life - even picking up the local accent.

    She said: "Just last week I walked on my two, Roy and Milo, having a conversation in the kitchen when they didn't think I was around.

    "Milo was making a right racket so Roy turned around and said in a proper Glaswegian accent, which he has recently picked up, 'F*** off Milo'.

    "They then started fighting over me with Roy saying 'my Elaine'. They're much smarter than people think and can genuinely be quite childlike at times."

    March 28, 2014



  1. martie
    Why would the husband do this, cruel Bas***, he should have taken the parrot to the human society.

    He needs to be put in a cage for the rest of his life, FH
  2. Poppi
    Martie: that's interesting that you assumed it was the husband who forced the parrot into the garage--I assumed it was the new wife! The article doesn't say which of the two was responsible, so I thought it had to be the new woman who didn't want to hear her lover's dead wife's name being constantly shouted by the family pet so she stuck him in a dog cage with "just a bell for company"!

    I'm with you (though I'll change gender pronouns): what a b**ch!
  3. martie
    You could be right, I had a neighbor years ago, he had a dog, he married, the wife didn't want the dog in the house, he took the dog (a small med size maybe 25-30lbs) and just put that small dog on a run with one of those igloos, no blanket inside, the water bowl was always knocked over, if that's not bad enough there are coyotes and bears and creatures of the woods. I felt so sorry for this dog, he/she was a nervous wreck, shaking all over, no wonder. I can't even finish what I want to say about this situation.

    We'll have to see when it comes out if husband or wife did it, I cannot picture a woman doing this for some reason, she may have told him to do it as my neighbors wife told him. If she did it, I cannot even think now of the word I'd like to call her, it'd be bad, very bad.;)
  4. bannana
    Regardless of who actually put him there both of those assholes would have known about it and each deserve a backhander for there efforts. The stupid pricks didnt have to keep him if they didnt want him, as if youd just lock him in a garage all day!
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