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  1. Phenoxide
    Parsippany man charged with using minor to sell drugs

    bdfly.jpg PARSIPPANY, NEW JERSEY - A Parsippany man was arrested last week and charged with using a minor to help peddle drugs in the township, Patrolman Earl Kinsey said.

    The investigation began in April when police received tips that Brian Morrison, 18, was selling drugs, Kinsey said. Police gathered evidence and got a search warrant for his Lake Hiawatha home.

    Police found a black case containing small zip-lock type bags, a glass jar containing marijuana, a small digital scale, a small bag of marijuana, a glass bong, a small quantity of a Hallucinogenic Drug called "Bromo-DragonFLY", an unlabeled prescription bottle containing 90 orange capsules and a stolen laptop computer, Kinsey said.

    Morrison was charged with possession of a prescription drug without a prescription, possession of a hallucinogenic drug, theft, distribution of marijuana, possession of drug paraphernalia and employing a person under 17 years of age to distribute a controlled dangerous substance. Morrison was taken to Morris County jail in lieu of $10,000 bail.

    Dan Goldberg
    The Star-Ledger
    May 10th 2012



  1. bosshallucy
    wonder what they'll actually charge him with... since the Bromo is legal
  2. Potter
    endangerment of a child for one. I suspect stacking charges on top of that is going to be easy.
  3. makin
    He is a kid himself 18 is the new 15 as far as I am concerned....:)

    Someone offers their laptop for some pot, how is he supposed to know its stolen any one of us could have bought it off craigslist

    they are going to crucify this kid. If they weren't they wouldn't be making headlines with the minor helping to sell angle. The damage to his young life will be astronomical even if they didn't give him jail time the drug charge history alone will fuck him.

    I hate this fucking system!!!! So will his family when they see the aftermath
  4. Potter
    Really? It sounds like he was not only a devious criminal, but a coward too. It takes some balls to put a kid in danger for profit like that. He knew that a minor would get away with the charges and was abusing the kid to protect himself.

    Throw the jack ass under the bus!

    Take responsibility for your own actions, putting others in harms way strips you of your rights.
  5. makin
    This very devious criminal is nothing but a stupid kid that made some poor decisions. And as such should put on restriction and not be able to go to the BALL.

    Some pot a bong some legal highs we have public enemy number one here lets throw him under the bus if were lucky we could possible fuck his life up completely that would be great.
  6. Potter
    no, it's the putting the drugs into the hands of a minor so that when the cops came, a child would get in trouble and he could get off with a clean record.

    That is child abuse and I see no reason to care about a child abuser.
  7. hookedonhelping
    c'mon potter, thats an assumption! It's not out of the realm of thought that 18yr old kids hang out with 17, 16 or even 15yr old kids. And it's even more ridiculous to think the 18yr old kid's thought process was that advanced that he was thinking this far down the line on a serious tip.

    They should arrest the assholes drawing up legislation in congress.. drugs like bromo-dragonfly would be of no interest to an 18yr old if the old school drugs our parents used were readily available in a controlled quality, nor would the 18yr old have any motivation to sell them if this were the case.
  8. Troussman
    A lot of charges for this but then again thats typical hard ass New Jersey state law. I wouldve thought he would've gotten a possession of drugs in a school zone charge since you would think they brought the drugs to high school with them
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