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  1. JonnyBGoode
    So I distinctly remember that plane journey back from NYC. I had gone completely mad the whole time I was there, I slept less than 3 hours in 5 nights. As soon as we started to get into Manhattan and the buildings appeared I just became enthralled, an excitement swept over me and I was suddenly like a kid in a sweet shop, desperate to explore all that NYC had to offer.

    First things first though I needed to find some drugs and get drunk, and quickly, so we went straight out drinking. We were looking for a bar called Jack Dempseys as we were told this was a sports bar and we wanted to watch the England game against Algeria I think which ended 0-0 in the end. While I am in there drinking and screaming like a lunatic, I start talking to this cute kind of rocker looking blonde girl who is there at the bar and she's flirting with me, she likes my London voice and British guys and loves Pete Doherty, I happen to be wearing a trilby kind of hat and bare a passing resemblance to him although much shorter!

    She is getting drunk with us and I am buying everyone in the bar shots, we go outside for a cigarette and she tells me she has a date that night but she doesn't like the guy and thinks he's kind of off. I tell her I hope it goes badly because she's sexy and I want to see her again and we kiss just for a little, while a short but sexy kiss. I take her number and text her "You made my day, you're cute, have a shit date and call me x" and we move on to the next bar.

    By now my nostrils are getting twitchy, I want drugs and we need to find somewhere that's likely to have them. I am in favour of Harlem but people are telling me 100th isn't like that any more and it's not a good idea! Someone got there phone out and realised after some googling that DJ Skream (from Croydon just south of London), was playing a set somewhere near the Lower Eastside in a place called Love Club. This would be a dubstep night and probably have people on drugs attending, I also know Skream's older brother HiJack quite well and he is a serious fucking animal when it comes to sniffing coke and drinking and generally getting majorly fucked up! Many a night with him we've been out smashing E's and sniffing through to the next day until the bars open again.

    So we head there, I meet Skream outside and Jack's not about and he's looking for drugs from me, no joy at all. So I do a scan, I can pick up drugs off the street anywhere, only had my money stolen once, been given fake drugs a couple of times but 99% of the time got what I wanted I can just find them, I know where to look. The next thing I start talking to this Puerto rican guy called Jose. We're talking about getting coke, I say I'll give him money or get him a gram if he can get it, and he's a friendly enough guy saying he can sort it out no problem just in an hour at our hotel he can get a delivery and he'll come with us. First obstacle down!

    Then this chinese or oriental looking kid comes up asking me for a cigarette, he is looking fucked up his tits on ecstasy, so we get talking and I'm asking him if he can get drugs. He looks around a little cautiously, and says he can't help as he only has a bag of Diesel for himself. Then he shows me this little zip baggy with what was about 3.5 grams or an eighth of an oz of NYC DIESEL Skunk, I pulled out a hundred dollar bill and said I'd buy it off him and buy him a beer and a jaeger bomb (google it if needed) and he's down for that and gets all excited hugging me for my generosity! I guess he is about 19 and just got paid double what he paid for a slightly smaller bag of skunk and he got free drinks too. The money doesn't mean shit to me I am just glad I now have just about enough weed and it's REALLY good bud too, to last me the next 4/5 nights.

    My best friend and my younger brother, and this other guy with us at the club, Steve, an older guy who is here because he works with my old man who is also in NYC staying with us at The Sheridan and has paid for Steve to come as he has done a big sale for him at work recently, as a gesture of thanks. Also present and currently probably in a brothel or strip club or bar any three as likely as the other, with my father, is my uncle whom I shall just name Uncle E. So it's a slightly weird crowd altogether but it's just the 4 of us out right now at the club. The other 3 don't want to say it but they're impressed that I've already bought drugs in minutes of being there and have a deal lined up for more, although a bit skeptical as to whether this cool talking and friendly Jose guy will come through with the goods. He calls someone as we head back to our hotel and talks in Spanish to a guy giving him our room number and saying it'll be half an hour. I feel slightly tense, but not really, Jose seems cool and I feel I can trust him, it's the others being nervous that makes me tense.

    We get back to our room and pour the drinks, we have a shit ton of different bottles of flavoured stolichnaya and we have bought apple juice, coke, sprite, all kinds of mixers and also have 3 bottles of champagne and a bottle of hennessy. American hotels are great because they have an ice machine on every floor, so we fill the bath with ice and get on with drinking and waiting anxiously to see if we were going to get scammed or robbed or get cocaine and get high. Within about 40 minutes Joses phone gets a one ring and there's a knock at the door. This Puerto rican drug dealer looking guy walks in, he looks like a kind of south american gangster in a hip hop style with timberlands and a basketball top and a cap. He doesn't speak and English so Jose is going to translate, he genuinely doesn't seem to understand shit that I am saying and it seems legit to me, I am obviously doing the deal and the others are watching intently.

    I take the mirror off the wall unannounced, as if that's what I always do when coke dealers come to my hotel room with product for me to try and barter over. I rest it on my knees trying not to show I drunk I am, and Jose says it's 100 dollars a gram, but he can cut me a deal if I buy a few. This seems a bit steep but I am not in a great position to be choosy and I can try and do a deal. They're all in little baggies in grams, I take one from him and rack out a line in seconds with two credit cards, the coke is kind of oily and gummy, a good sign.
    It also has that smell that people who know what good coke is know, it's distinctive and nothing is quite like it, a sort of acetone smell but it's a lovely smell, the odor instantly makes me a little excited and my brain tingles. I hoover down the line with a duty fee sales receipt, I never sniff with notes, disgusting practise. It tastes good, there is definitely a fair amount of coke in it although it's cut too but I am more than happy under the circumstances. We get 5 grams for 400 dollars, the first bag gets split straight on the table and everyone hoovers up massive lines with relish. Hours go by and people are starting to flake, it must be around 5am and Jose says he is going to his friends place, he has a few people over and it's cool for us to come along.

    We confer and me and Chel head to this guys place with Jose in a cab and pick up a load of beers, alcohol in NYC is expensive even compared to London! So Jose is repeatedly apologising in advance saying that it's just a few guys over there and that the guy whose place it is, is cool but the other guys there are a bit red neck but not to be offended they're nice guys and totally fine. This worries me but also is kind of intriguing in the same sort of way and I wonder what awaits. It's a small but modern two bed apartment with a kitchen reception and a balcony looking out over the Hudson River and I think we're the 19th floor up so it's a great view. Everyone is sort of friendly but coked up and some ignore us but some of the others talk to us about London and offer us lines.

    I roll a joint with the Diesel and the Americans in the room are disgusted with me for putting tobacco in my spliff. It's just how we smoke it here! We roll a lot of joints and smoke 10 a day with tobacco half an half pretty much rather than two or three big blunts that choke you up, we're British, we're just more refined like that, it's a cultural thing. Plus I smoke anyway so I don't care, but we're all enthusiastically meriting the different ways of smoking bud and a big fat skunk spliff is being passed around by my self. People have eased up a bit now and I am stoned and relaxed and a little coked up but very very drunk too and I am excited as fuck to be in NYC for the first time. Then something weird happens, a guy comes back in, big kind of muscular bald dude, he has these two really trashy looking girls with him, a blonde and brunette both quite tall. There are whispers going on and people seem pissed off, Jose and the dude whose place it is whose name I forget, lets call him Joe, are attempting to calm down the redneckish guys who seem pissed off that these girls are now here, it's all gone a bit crazy.....

    Suddenly I realise the two girls are actually cross dressers and the rednecks are not happy their friends gay room mate has brought back two tranny's and they're shouting at the gay room mate and also at 'Joe' and I sense it's our time to get out of there! It's now 11.30am and as we make a sharp exit thanking everyone for their time and leaving fucking fast, grabbing some more beers for our journey. We walk out the lobby of the hotel and I get a text message from the girl I met the afternoon before, she is going to some parade in Coney Island at the beach called "The Mermaid Parade" where people dress as mermaids and pirates and that we need to come along cos she wants to see me! Her date was terrible and now she wants a new one today with me that's going to be good! So in part 3 you'll see what happens next.....!

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