Part 3 - Madness in NY and PK's...

By JonnyBGoode · Dec 8, 2014 ·
  1. JonnyBGoode
    I pick up where I left off, it's around 11.30am and I am staggering back to my Manhattan hotel room, I am very drunk and very tired but I have just been invited by this blonde I met last night to go to this Mermaid Parade thing and I am talking my friend into coming with me. We've had no sleep for almost 48 hours including a bit of jet lag, we've drunk enough to sink a small to medium sized ship and we've been snorting coke with hillbillies and possibly just avoided a homophobic hate crime after attending this weird gathering. It's sweltering hot and we can hardly breathe as we blunder around like two drunken retards, a pairing of Laurel and Hardy's in a contemporary cover arguing over googlemaps versus street maps despite the fact our wifi is costing us $5 a minute or more.

    Eventually we get back to our hotel and we both shower, snort an enormous line of cocaine, and head out to this girls apartment for a pre-party-party before we go to this Mermaid Parade. I roll and smoke a big joint for the journey and in the NYC heat of June in my seriously dehydrated drunken state, still sipping a beer, I almost pass out and have to sit down twice as my friend Chel berates me and tells me to man the fuck up. We're both so tired we've gone beyond tiredness and are taking it in turns to kick one another into shape. It's mainly me doing this to him as I have a blonde to look forward to at this apartment who seems keen on me. We have taken loads of the duty free with us so we have vodka and champagne and a load of beers plus other stuff we've managed to get hold of.

    We arrive at this apartment finally after getting lost for the 11th time, the blonde greets me at the doorway in this sparkling glittery bra and is fully dressed in mermaid make up with a kind of shimmery dress acting as the fin, she's looking hot and I am looking like shit but I have my shades on, I am drunk and I have nothing to lose plus a big fuck off bag of drinks and we're going to some crazy parade, I am so excited to be in NYC I am even starting to feel OK again despite the fact I am totally fucked up. She seems leased to see me anyway and we do some introductions to some of her friends and head out to this parade. It's a little bit awkward at first as we are clearly very wasted and not in the best shape, but in no time at all the pleasantries and small talk are out the way and we're all drinks and smiles and swapping stories! We head out to get the subway to Coney Island and the subway is packed with people heading down to this parade, there is a good buzz in the air and I can feel it get more and more heightened as we approach our destination.

    As soon as we arrive it's all booming house music and girls in body paint, people dressed up and doing crazy stuff, people selling beers, smoking weed, it's all going on! We continue to get completely annihilated and finish off all the drinks we brought with us in about an hour. I am doing little bumps of coke with Chel and 'A' the girl I have met as we sit on the beach at Coney Island.

    There is this mad rush towards the beach perimeter and a shock of excitement rushing through the crowd. A guy is being lifted on a big carpet like a Persian king or something from Aladdin or a Prince Naseem Hamed ring entrance, the 'King' in this case is Lou Reed and he is throwing fruit at people, this whole thing is extremely surreal and I am struggling to take it all in as a banana whistles past me! It's all feeling good though, the bumps of cocaine and copious amounts of alcohol have lifted me through my slump and I am now flying, this girl 'A' is now permanently attached to me and it is an almost certainty that I am going to be having sex tonight. It's starting to get dark so we hatch a plan to head to Brooklyn where this girl lives, go to her apartment and do more drugs, she has a couple of grams of ketamine left over from the Burning Man festival and we have coke, we end up going back to her place and racking out lines of each before heading out for some drinking in bars in Brooklyn until about 2am when we are almost no longer able to physically continue any more, Chel gets a cab back with A and spend the next 10 hours having a lot of sex! On the way back she realises she has a shitty text from her room mate about some drugs being left on the couch/sofa, fucking Chel has left his gram right on the coffee table! It reminds me that not everyone is a drug addict or at least a drug taker, I often take this fact for granted, but as I stumble along the Prospect Park pavements wondering how far away they actually are in a drunken ketamine induced state I am not really bothered by her flat mates offence, I know who is winning......

    When I left Brooklyn the next morning I still hadn't had any sleep as I had been having sex the whole time so it was now 72 hours since I had slept and I didn't even feel tired, if anything I felt I had too much energy! The rest of my 3 nights in NYC continued like this back and forth, no sleep, meeting up with this girl 'A' and having more sex and drugs, just bumbling around New York almost continually lost and so tired that I am actually hyperactive. I eat several meals alone or just get coffee (as I generally don't eat much), whilst my friends and other people sleep, I just wander around Manhattan and try to take it all in.

    By the the time it's the last night it's about 5am and I am at 'A's house and we're saying our emotional goodbyes, I have to leave my hotel in Manhattan at 7am and I haven't got back there or even packed or anything. She starts rummaging around in her dresser and pulls out this bottle of pills. She presses into my hands these pills, they're all different shapes and colours and she tells me that they are pain killers, some what proudly, I must not take them without emailing her first apparently. I feel a bit confused, pain killers? No one in the UK takes pain killers the thought of taking a load of Nurofen+ to get high seems ridiculous, we take ecstasy pills! But she is adamant that I take them, they're a vicodin, a percocet and a dilaudid which she tells me are 'extra yummy' and I head off after a last long lingering kiss with my pills as a memento, I don't realise it yet but this is going to be a very significant moment in the rest of my life......

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