part two of phish live at the hollwood bowl

  1. beentheredonethatagain
    the evening was something I will aways remember..

    so it the rest of the story.... some good some well lets say not so much... but it ends well

    we are up in the morning two hours before our late check out , which we asked for.

    we missed free breakfast cause we had the times wrong.

    no biggie, we had plenty of grape juice "wine" still left over from last night and I still had some Becks beer in the ice cooler that we brought.

    she and I are really fit for each other , but she isnt going too fast at all , we are just platonic, and that is a new one for the kid..

    we drive the freeway homeward, oh wait, I forgot.

    Prior to us going to the show , on the phone she ask me if I could bring some go go powder, I said yea probally, but I really dont like mixing that with someone I love because it can cause problems. but I did get some and i brought it.

    okay she never once brought it up in the ride to Los Angeles or in the room before the show, so I didnt mention it either, because we are so good without it.

    well in the morning I said something about having it, and she was mad that I didnt break it out last night, and I explained that I dont want to influence her on it, we have a good thing going and you didnt bring it up , or I would have brought it out.

    okay we do some lines , then we start for home.

    back now to the car ride home ,, I was comfortabe and she was driving , I feel asleep, a litttle nap. even after some lines I rested.

    we are going to her place , but I had to stop home first, then she is like will you get us some more.

    she wanted to party and take some with her for a vacation next week.

    I said let me call julio and find out ..he said he would be on his way. we got 1/16 1.7 grams.

    off to her house, we had a blast or two, or five, I smoked it while she inffulated , snorted it.

    things go well for a while , until she did another rail , she had already a little twitch in her check going , but right after the rail, she started to really twitch , I thought she was playing but it became real clear real soon that she wasnt playing and was in a seizer or how ever you spell it. she was in full facial deform, and was about to just fall to the floor until i grabed he and lowered her to the kitchen floor. tile floor.

    she had saliva coming out the corner of her mouth, eyes open , dialated, fuck I am trying to ask her questions to see if she could talk, I looked at her and thought what am I going to do , the phone i thought where is the phone, i called 911, then they ask me for the address, I didnt know , and I didnt see any mail laying around , so I went out side to read the numbers off the house and then looked at the street sign.

    so now they are on their way . she is still on the floor not talking but awake.

    I wipe her face with a damp cloth and assure her that she will be okay and that I will take care of her.

    Medical response came pretty quickly, soon they ask okay what kind of drugs did she take, they said we arent the police, we need to know so that we know how to treat her, so naturaly I told them that me had been doin speed. "meth"

    she was transported to the local hospital, and I told her I would come right in the car to be with her, they told me not to drive.
    i agreed but shortly after they left I drove there anyway.

    after a cat scan, MRI, ekg or something of the sorts, and almost three days in the hospital , she was discharged and given a clean bill of health.

    she and I have gotten closer because I was there and didnt flake out , like maybe some others would have, I dont know.

    Her and I seem to be made for each other, she is still keeping it platonic, even with my promises of forever love ...

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