Party Boat on the Rhine River- WPF Sunday night

By moda00 · Mar 26, 2008 · ·
  1. moda00
    The boat was reeeeally crazy, what a wild concept.. I'd never been on a boat party, nor to an electronic music party/rave.. Things were a bit hazy as well, due to sleep deprivation.. for real.. even though everyone laughed at me and accused me of being on lots of drugs.. it was so bizarre.. because I was sober.. and yet not really.. of course we talk about non-ordinary states that are not exclusive to drugs and that is a huge reality and a part of it, but this was pretty intense..

    So we (I- I take full responsibility haha) lost my purse but nothing too important in there so it's all good.. about 80 francs and my room key and internet card.. but luckily no credit cards or ids. Then waited in a crazy line with the adorable gay couple for about 2? 3? (Sense of time... Rx might know, or other dude whose name on this site I don't know..) hours and we seriously decided that the Bardo test was waiting and suffering in the cold until we gave up our bodies and souls and thoughts..

    Then all of a sudden they yelled out Gaia Media volunteers.. come here.. and AMERICANS! And we're like, shit they are going to kick the Americans out lol.. but we were pretty much ready to follow and see what happened and they brought us on the boat (because they said they were expecting 300-600, capacity was 800, and they had thousands, many who were not even at WPF but just wanted a party like rxbandit said.. but I guess they wanted the people who came a long way to have the experience and good memories of it) and then it was crazy and Rx will have to talk more about the boat craziness in the main thread and tell all the stuff I don't remember.. but I remember getting in was a non-drug experience pretty damn close to the glowing reports about something like mdma.. dancing and music, positive energy, the transition from cold to warm, and elation.. it was stellar :)

    I do recall the amphetamine-y dude, who was, terrifyingly enough, talking in a pressured voice about street fighting and war, initially more generally, then exclaiming how much he loved it, and how much everyone wanted to beat our ass because we were Americans (I think he thought he was being friendly- no hostility in him towards us, but a general speeded intensity that was a bit much to bear..) The language barriers were interesting, too, I'd say about 50% spoke English and 50% didn't, mainly German.

    The "chill out room" on the main level was great music and dancing, by the bar/restaurant area.. the downstairs, the Bardo test area, was quite intense, but am glad we checked it out.. apparently got really weird later in the night/next morning/day..

    Things were cool for awhile, then eventually we were dizzy and sick from all the smoke and lack of sleep and food, and departed. It was definitely a very new and intense experience and am glad I was able to be there for it.

    Much Love and it was great meeting those I met, and great meeting those I didn't "meet" whose energies intersected anyways (which was more important :))

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  1. RunRedFox
    "everyone hear hates americans, they all want to kill you... WAR!"

    that amphetamine thug was intense.

    what good times :)
  2. moda00
    Indeed.. good times.. It was 2:1 though.. so if he would have tried to have a mini-war I think we would have won. But I guess the amphetamines may have favored him. Lol.
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