Party drugs aren't what you think: study

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  1. Terrapinzflyer
    Party drugs aren't what you think: study

    MONTREAL – A new analysis of designer drugs sold in Quebec shows conclusively that in most cases the consumer is not getting what the dealer says is there.

    The Health Canada study, in co-operation with the Sûreté du Québec, analyzed 365 tablets seized across the province between June 2007 and July 2008.

    It showed that only 54 per cent of the drugs sold as speed actually contained methamphetamine (speed), while 23 per cent of drugs sold as ecstasy contained MDMA.

    The main characteristic of these tablets is their variability, making it difficult to predict the effects on the drug abuser, specialists warned.

    However, serious psychiatric complications can result from the combinations used, they cautioned.

    Two tablets contained methamphetamine, MDMA and ketamine – a fast-acting anaesthetic and painkiller used in veterinary surgery.

    “This combination can produce psychotic effects, short or long-term, and that’s what makes these cocktails extremely dangerous for some users,” warned Benoit Archambault, a Health Canada drug analysis manager.


    caption from attached photo:
    Winnipeg Police show off 65 kilos of the drugs used to make ecstacy tablets in this August 19th file picture. The federal government is promising a new police initiative to target gangs that traffic in so-called synthetic drugs, and stop the importation of chemicals used to make them.

    EDIT Can anyone find the referenced study?

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  1. Terrapinzflyer
    [imgl=white][/imgl]They are called NHL, Couche- Tarde, Coca-Cola and Toyota.

    But they aren't just the names of well-known companies - they are the popular names of illegal pills being popped all over the province.

    Health Canada and the Surete du Quebec held a joint press conference today to release the details of a new study on drug use in Quebec. Their goal : to make the public more aware of the pitfalls of illicit drugs.

    Officials analyzed 365 samples of pills seized between June 2007 and July 2008 by police in Montreal, Laval and Longueuil. 54 per cent of the pills tested did not contain what they were supposed to. Even worse, there were dangerous often lethal combinations of the substances . Health Canada says 80 percent of the ecstasy pills being sold out on the street today are mixed with other chemicals.

    "People — they just don't know what they are taking," said Benoit Archambeault, manager of Health Canada’s drug analysis service. "For ecstasy consumers, for example, about 80 per cent of people buying ecstasy aren't getting ecstasy — they're getting something else."

    Two pills which look identical can contain wildly different concentrations of the same substance - or even different substances.

    That means a pill taken at the beginning of an evening might only contain a weak dose of an active substance, while a second pill taken later might contain a very powerful dose.

    Not surprising says McGill professor Joe Schwarz. "These drug labs are obviously not regulated. You are at the mercy of the people developing these pills."

    What's more the profile of people using the drugs is changing.

    "People between between the ages of 15 and 40 are using these drugs more and more. We're finding them in schools, in bars, they're not just at rave parties anymore." said Sgt. Suzanne De Larochelière, a drug specialist with Surete du Quebec.

    Community organizers say there's nothing new about the popularity of the designer pills. They say the only way to protect drug users is testing the contents of pills. "It's already being done in France and Switzerland." said Jean-Francois Mary of Cactus, a downtown needle exchange centre. "Here in Canada we can't provide the service because it's illegal for us to come into contact with the drugs."

    November 16, 8:55 PMMontreal Headlines ExaminerPaola Samuel
  2. Terrapinzflyer
    report uploaded to File archives

    Sadly its in French- but some interesting info to be had with a little effort. If anyone can find an english version it would be much appreciated- the canadian gov't website is in French- the english version is limited and am unable to find a english version of the report.
  3. bLuE
    swim appreciated the link, thanks.
  4. podge
    Funny, they needed to perform a study to figure out that products sold on the blackmarket dont have reliable quality control. :laugh: But i guess some data never hurt.
  5. Terrapinzflyer
    Turtles aardvark thinks it goes far beyond "quality control" issues. But he also thinks they will never draw the conclusions that they should: that a relatively safe substance was made illegal, for reasons other then what they claimed, and the end result has been organized crime passing off unknown and untested mish-mash of chemicals as said substance - needlessly endangering those who choose to consume it.
  6. Terrapinzflyer
    I have found the results of the pills seized in Quebec- 48 in total. Still looking for the larger, canada wide results.

    Laboratory tests of "ecstasy" pills seized in Quebec from june 2007-july 2008

    (2) MDA

    (6) mdma

    (1) MDMA, caffeine

    (1) MDMA, methamphetamine, caffeine

    (1) methamphetamine, MDMA, caffeine

    (1) MDMA, methamphetamine, ketamine, caffeine, dimethylsulfone

    (1) MDMA, ketamine, caffeine, procaine

    (1) MDMA, methamphetamine, caffeine, dimethylsulfone

    (1) MDMA, methamphetamine, caffeine, lidocaine

    (2) MDMA, methamphetamine, caffeine, diphenydramine

    (1) MDMA, caffeine, diphenydramine

    (1) MDMA, methamphetamine, procaine

    (1) Methamphetamine, MDMA, ketamine, diphenydramine, lidocaine, procaine

    (2) Caffeine

    (1) Caffeine, diphenydramine, dimethylsulfone

    (3) amphetamine, caffeine

    (3) methanphetamine

    (2) methamphetamine, caffeine, dimethylsulfone

    (11) methamphetamine, caffeine

    (1) methamphetamine, caffeine, PAA (Phenylacetic acid)

    (1) BZP, TFMPP, caffeine

    (1) 5-meo-dipt

    (1) 5-meo-mipt

    (1) 2c-b

    (1) Bunk- no drug present

    a total of 48 distinct pills were tested.
    18 pills contained MDx as the main ingredient, but only 8 contained only MDx

    19 pills contained methamphetamine as the main ingredient, another 3 amphetamine. Of these only 2 contained any MDMA.

    29 pills contained amphetamine/methamphetamine

    3 pills were "research chemicals", although it is unclear whether they were actually represented as ecstasy.

    Only one pill was piperazines- highly suprising considering the amount of piperazine pills exported from canada.

    A number of the pills appeared to be from the same press yet contained wildly different ingredients.
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