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  1. Mint boi
    I find it quite rude that my next door neighbors are in the middle of a "raging" garden party and that I have not been invited!

    I accept that they are about 30yrs older than me, but cmmooon man, if i'm going to be subjected to their crappy 80s pop, I'd like to at least have free beer to deaden the blow.

    OH well, that bottle of grey goose is getting opened sooner than planned!


  1. savingJenniB
    Your Grey Goose is much better than their beer anyway.

    Be thankful that your neighbors don't want to be friends --- the opposite can be far worse.
  2. Metomni
    I don't quite see what's wrong with Grey Goose. ;)
  3. Mint boi
    Besides for the walrus slaying hangover I had the next morning the Grey Goose was great!
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