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Partygoer, 23, blasts himself in head with a shotgun 'after taking meow meow drug'

By chillinwill, Apr 7, 2010 | | |
  1. chillinwill
    A partygoer who took mephedrone has died after blasting himself in the head with a shotgun, it has been claimed.

    Wesley Sharples, 23, was discovered with gunshot wounds at his flat in Bolton after a party where friends claimed he had taken the drug - also known as 'meow meow'.

    The man was taken to hospital but died soon afterwards.

    Police said today they were unable to confirm reports that he may have taken the dance drug, but added that they were not able to rule it out until they receive the results of toxicology tests.

    A spokesman said: 'We have sent blood samples off to toxicology and until we get that back we cannot guess or speculate what he may or may not have taken.

    'These may take several weeks to come back.'

    Mr Sharples had invited friends to his home on the day he died for a party after drinking at a local pub.

    A friend told The Sun newspaper that the group had a 'quantity of mephedrone' and that there had been 'huge problems with meow meow' in the area.

    A Greater Manchester Police spokesman said there were no suspicious circumstances surrounding his death on March 28.

    A Facebook page set up in memory of Mr Sharples described him as a 'true legend' with a 'smooth dress sense and infectious smile'.

    A post by Sammi Wood read: 'Known u since being a nipper. Rip ur sadly missed by many... thoughts are with ur parents n family xxx'

    Keshia Ayia Napa Seaton wrote: 'You are a true super star wes i am guna miss you so much we are all bein strong for ur mum and for each other look afta gaya for me luv u xxx'

    Mr Sharples has a link to anti-mephedrone site 'Say NO to Bubble', although it is not known if friends added him as a fan after his death or if he joined himself.

    At the end of last month, the Home Secretary Alan Johnson announced that mephedrone would be made illegal 'within weeks' after the Advisory Council on the Misuse of Drugs (ACMD) sent him a report on its use.

    Prior to the ban being announced, Dr Polly Taylor, a member of the ACMD resigned, saying she 'did not have trust' in the way the government would use the advice given by the ACMD.

    Eric Carlin, another member of the ACMD, also resigned after the announcement that mephedrone would be made illegal, saying that the decision by the Home Secretary was 'unduly based on media and political pressure'.

    He claimed there was 'little or no discussion about how our recommendation to classify this drug would be likely to impact on young people's behaviour'.

    APril 7, 2010
    Daily Mail


  1. chillinwill
    Re: Partygoer, 23, blasts himself in head with a shotgun 'after taking meow meow drug

    Lad Shoots Himself After Meow Party

    A TRAGIC lad blasted himself to death with a shotgun after a meow meow party with pals.

    Wesley Sharples, 23, was found in a pool of blood at his flat and rushed to hospital where he died soon afterwards.

    Last night a Greater Manchester Police source said: "There have been reports from his friends that he may have taken meow meow.

    "We are still carrying out inquiries on the coroner's behalf - and we have sent away blood samples for toxicology tests. It may be several weeks before we have the results."

    The legal high mephedrone, also known as M-Cat and bubble, has been linked to 26 deaths in the UK and The Sun has campaigned vigorously for it to be outlawed.

    An estimated million grams of the drug is being imported into the UK and cops believe pushers are stockpiling it ahead of a ban.

    A source said: "They had a quantity of mephedrone and were going back to Wesley's for a party. He was a fun-loving guy but no one imagined it would end like this."

    Last night pals of Wesley set up a shrine of flowers and cards outside his flat in Breightmet, Bolton.

    One said: "He was a good lad - a really good-looking bloke with his whole life ahead of him. But there have been huge problems with meow meow in this area.

    "Everyone is heavily into it and the word is Wes and some friends had got some and were snorting it." A balloon with his name on it was tied to Wesley's fence yesterday, alongside a Liverpool FC shirt.

    One neighbour said: "No one knows why it's happened. He was nice and very polite." Friends also paid tributes to the lad - known as Swede - on a Facebook site.

    The Sun found a link to an anti-mephedrone website on Wes's Facebook, apparently placed there by distraught pals after he died.

    A police spokesman said: "A man was found with a gunshot wound. There are no suspicious circumstances and the matter was passed to the coroner."

    April 7, 2010
    The Sun
  2. gmeziscool2354
    Re: Partygoer, 23, blasts himself in head with a shotgun 'after taking meow meow drug

    This blantant sensationalism over the fact the he may have taken this drug seems a bit insensitive. Some ones son, brother, friend just blew their head off and half the article is "miaow miaow is bad blah blah blah" i dont think they want that to be shoved in their faces while grieving
  3. Alfa
    Re: Partygoer, 23, blasts himself in head with a shotgun 'after taking meow meow drug

    I wonder if any friends or relatives of Wesley Sharples can comment on the role of mephedrone in this tragedy.
  4. Retrodat
    Re: Partygoer, 23, blasts himself in head with a shotgun 'after taking meow meow drug

    I think it's important to discuss the cause and in doing so save future lives, no? I think that would make his family feel better.
  5. T.McKenna
    Re: Partygoer, 23, blasts himself in head with a shotgun 'after taking meow meow drug

    I have a friend that just hung himself and no one knows why. Some people just resort to this in a state of panic. I don't believe anyone will ever know the reason why.
    I don't believe that this persons suicide was the result of taking meow meow. In most cases this is the result of built up emotions that a person never lets out. Although i do believe that people should not take drugs they have not studied and don't know the effects of. It is always best to know exactly what you are taking and how much to take. You should always do extensive research before you take any drug no matter what it is.
    If this persons suicide was the result of taking meow meow, no one will ever know, but we shouldn't automatically blame a drug for a persons suicide even if he was on it.

    I would love to hear peoples opinions other than mine. Suicide is a terrible thing and if anyone is ever thinking about it, they should talk to someone. There is always someone that will listen no matter what. If you think no one is there to help then you are wrong. You can even pm me if you have no one to talk to. (just a thought)

    We should start a small forum to help anyone that is contemplating suicide. Im still new to the site and am still not sure on how everything works. But im pretty sure this site has already saved alot of peoples lives just because of the information on it and I don't think it would hurt to try to save a few more. This is a great site. If you have money you should definately donate. Im still working on that. I hope you enjoyed reading my opinion and I look forward to reading yours. Thanks!
  6. Paradoxical Frog
    Re: Partygoer, 23, blasts himself in head with a shotgun 'after taking meow meow drug

    I have a rather personal view on this myself, as I lost my boyfriend to suicide nearly a year ago. Of course I didn't know the reasons, only he would have known exactly why he chose to do it, but I have reason to believe that it was brought on by amphetamine psychosis - I saw him in increasingly worrying states of paranoia in the couple of months leading up to his death. The night that he did it, he had been taking pills that we had known were very speedy as he'd had a bad reaction to them before - on previous occasions where he'd had paranoid episodes I'd been there to talk him down. This time I wasn't. However he still chose to take them, and I think they certainly contributed to his death..

    Despite that, I don't blame speed. Neither do his parents or family. I've been asked if my attitudes towards drugs in general have changed because of it and my honest answer is no, it hasn't. Yes he was suffering from amphetamine psychosis, but it wasn't the ONLY issue here. In hindsight I can see he was a very troubled person and drugs was merely the tip of the iceberg. I understand completely wanting to have an outside source to blame in this situation, as it's such a horrible confusing thing to go through - it's natural to want to have something to blame, somewhere to direct your anger and hurt. But if the person you're angry at isn't here, where do you go? You blame an outside source, in this case, the drugs the person was taking. It's kind of a desperate attempt to make sense out of a situation that will never make much sense..

    It's a paradoxical thing really. If he hadn't been taking drugs, he wouldn't have been in the situation where paranoia took hold so much that he felt there was no other way out. On the other hand, the reasons many people take drugs is to escape from problems they already have - sometimes it works, sometimes it gets out of hand. There is far too much to think about and take into account and no really simple answers here..

    I must echo T.McKenna's sentiments, that suicide is a terrible thing and no-one should have to go through the pain of either losing someone to suicide, or being in a situation where they believe it's the only way out. It isn't, there is always a solution and a light at the end of the tunnel no matter how far away it may seem. And talking to someone, even venting on a message board, can be the first step towards that...

    I realise I haven't used non-self-incriminating language in this post but I didn't feel it was particularly necessary in this case, so I hope that's ok with everyone else.. Otherwise I can edit it/ask moderators to change it if people feel it's not appropriate :)
  7. John Doe
    Re: Partygoer, 23, blasts himself in head with a shotgun 'after taking meow meow drug

    Wow, I'm speechless at that one. I can't believe I'm saying this but at least the Sun had the decency to err with caution.

    My sympathies go to his family and friends, a young man has lost his life and that is a tragedy regardless of the circumstances.
  8. SamanthaRabbit
    Re: Partygoer, 23, blasts himself in head with a shotgun 'after taking meow meow drug

    Added - This article really frustrates me, way to try and scare people into sobriety and denying that some people don't need drugs to be suicidal...
    There are many people out there who commit suicide while on drugs and alcohol, who completely lose themselves in it. My good friend hung himself 2 months ago and it has been said by all of our friends and his family that alcohol was a contributing factor to his instabilities, and he was drunk when he killed himself.

    I myself however, tried to overdose 10 years ago from being severely emotionally battered and scarred from being picked on for every day of my school career up until that point. Not the high point in my life obviously, but I had never taken any drugs or drank one drop of alcohol but I still had reasons for not wanting to live anymore. Added - I do know that my rabbit however has suffered from setbacks from drinking and taking other substances.

    To this day I still suffer from a panic disorder and depression, and sometimes I go through periods where I have racing thoughts and get so overwhelmed that I feel like I would rather feel nothing at all anymore, but I am really thankful that I know that it is all in my head.

    Added - I have had major break downs from lowered inhibitions on alcohol and my rabbit has suffered from mental breakdowns to the point where SWIM almost gave up hope during bad trips on mushrooms, LSD, and ecstasy pills.

    I have been through cognitive therapy and different medications over time, and recently I went back to a doctor to get something for my panic attacks and was prescribed something.

    Added - My recent attributions to stress are mainly related to being overworked but when having negative battles with myself that I feel I can't handle I always seek help - from my friends, family, and physicians. I am learning now that I was treated incorrectly for my symptoms, and being completely honest and seeking advice and sometimes a shoulder has made a huge difference

    My condolences go out to the friends and family of Wesley...

    I hope that if anyone is feeling like they don't know which would be better, to feel sadness temporarily or feel nothing at all anymore that you will seek help.

    Suicide is a permanent solution to a temporary situation, remember that.
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