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Passenger decapitated as he tried to secretly smoke a cigarette

By Pondlife, Jun 28, 2011 | Updated: Jun 28, 2011 | | |
  1. Pondlife
    A rail passenger was decapitated after being dragged along underneath a Tube train which he had fallen out of while smoking a cigarette.

    The 52-year-old man is believed to have forced open the emergency exit doors between carriages on a late-night Metropolitan Line Tube train between Chorleywood, Herts, and Chesham, Bucks.

    Police said that he fell through a gap and, after tumbling onto the track, he was dragged along at 50mph, gruesomely severing his head from his body.

    The discovery of his headless body was made by emergency service staff responding to reports that a man had fallen between the carriages.

    At 1.30am the driver reported that he had been alerted that a passenger had fallen from one of the carriages and had been dragged under the train.

    The power was immediately switched off on both tracks of the service to allow emergency services to attend the scene near Chalfont Latimer Station in Buckinghamshire.

    It was believed his death was a bizarre accident and was not being treated as suspicious.

    A rail worker who was on the Tube train at the time of the death, said on an online forum: 'A passenger who was smoking between the carriages on the train slipped and fell onto the tracks while the train was moving at 50mph.

    'He was subsequently dragged to Chalfont and Latimer and decapitated.

    'This just shows how dangerous messing around between the carriages really is.

    'If you ever think it might be a bit of fun, or if you need a cigarette, please think again.

    'Had this guy waited 10 more minutes he'd still have been with us now and nobody would have had to suffer the awful consequences of his stupidity.'

    The man is due to be formally identified by his family at the hospital mortuary.



  1. Smeg
    How fucking callous of this publication to viscerally illustrate the terrible details of this poor man's death.
    What purpose does this black- hearted article possess, apart from finger-wagging vicarious goading of anybody reading it, let alone the line at it's finish where the "journalist" says,

    "The man is due to be formally identified by his family at the hospital mortuary."

    The Daily Mail seems to be actually gloating at the misery and pain caused by this terrible tragedy.

    What is even more revolting is the entire salacious depiction/celebration of some poor bloke who made a fatal mistake.

    There is less than zero compassion here.

  2. TooFastTim
    I sorta got the feeling that the reporter seemed pleased that the man had lost his life. Fucking disgusting.
  3. trdofbeingtrd
    Smeg said it better than I could, TooFastTim also said what I was thinking.

    On southpark there is an episode where the kids are visiting the museum of tolerance. They are telling them about how important it is to be tolerant about other peoples beliefs, ethnicity, and gender/gender preferences. Then as the kids are about to leave there is a smoker, and they just blast the guy. They shame him, call him names.......basically were intollerant of a persons personal choice.

    I was at a casino once and went to play the tables. I sat down with my smoke and right away the lady to the left of me started coughing and waving her hand to fan away the smoke. I could just keep smoking, but instead I ask her "would you like me to put this out, is it bothering you that much", she says yes. So I put it out...........even though I could still smoke and no one could make me do otherwise. So how does this bitch thank my consideration, but going on with the guy next to her for about 15 fucking minutes about how stupid smoking is, how inconsiderate it is when people smoke around non smokers and how it's rude to not care about other peoples health.

    I understand that smoking is bad for you, I get that it is a poison and you can die early because of it. I also understand that it has a lot of other negative things about it (stinks, makes teeth and fingers yellow, ect..). I just think it's freaking sad as hell that as already pointed out, people seem to have no compassion and are just about evil when it comes to how they think of other people who smoke.

    Like they are fucking perfect.
  4. Insomniacsdream
    I really think you are missing the point. Opening up a door smoke in a train where you aren't supposed to smoke then falling out and decapitating yourself is a retarded waste of life. Its not very compassionate admittedly and it is tragic but it is also stupid. The article remains pretty neutral though, just says that he should have waited 10 mins to have his smoke.

    And I don't mind people smoking around me but I will still wave smoke away from my face when people are smoking next to me. I don't do it to make a point and get them to stop, I do it because I'm not going to get them to stop but I don't want smoke in my face. Admittedly lecturing people on the dangers of smoking is stupid, but smokers seem quit quick to jump to their own defence when nothing is being said about them.
  5. missparkles
    I think the increase in awareness over the last twenty to thirty years of the negative impact of smoking, not only to one's own personal health, but also the health of those around them (specifically non smokers) is always going to produce heated debate.

    It's almost a "them and us" situation with smokers versus non smokers. I also think that was reflected in the stance the reporter (and the rail worker interviewed) took. With more people coming to realise the damaging effects that cigarette smoking causes, accidents such as this seem far more tragic.

    Regardless of the opinion of the owner of the newspaper that reported this incident, the views of the reporter, or even the insensitive comments of the rail worker (this family are in enough pain, the last thing they need to hear is their deceased loved one called "stupid") I believe contentious subjects such as this can be discussed politely, as has been shown so far in this thread.

    Why can't the media do the same, it's not that difficult?

    My thoughts go out to this family in their time of grief.

  6. trdofbeingtrd
    First off, if you were to ask me to put out my smoke when I am by you, I would do it, to be polite. Second, you are right, the guy should have waited 10 minutes. Third, it's easy for you or people like in the article to have this stance right now, but I can just about guarantee that it was someone very close to you, the last thing you want to hear, is how your loved one died because they are stupid. Last, it seems as if three people (one of them does not smoke) do not think the article is neutral at all, so it's more of opinion than fact regarding the article and how people are treating this.

    If you ask me to put out my smoke, and I do, then you keep going about how stupid it is to smoke and how unhealthy smoking is, how second hand smoke is terrible (worse than hitler terrible), then you are being far more rude to me than I was for dare lighting up around a non smoker.

    Please don't read to much anger into my post, it's actually sleepiness and impatience. I saw a couple good points in your reply to me, I still stand 70% by what I said.

    LOL, I started correcting my spelling with the firefox spell check and ended up into your post.
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