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  1. Lunar Loops
    This from The Telegraph (UK):
    Patch gives women that loving feeling

    By Telegraph Correspondent

    Last Updated: 2:28am BST 27/03/2007

    A sex patch for women that boosts their libido could change love lives forever, experts predict.
    Intrinsa, a patch placed on the stomach or bottom, is the first of around 20 female sex drugs to reach the market and goes on sale this week.
    [​IMG]Intrinsa is designed for use by patients with sexual problems and will be prescription-only

    Trials have shown that women who use the patch both think about sex and want it more often. It works by releasing the male hormone testosterone into the bloodstream.
    Like Viagra, the sex drug for men, Intrinsa is designed for use by patients with sexual problems and will be prescription-only. But almost a million men are believed to have tried Viagra and experts predict that Intrinsa will also become a 'lifestyle' drug.
    Relationship guru and sexpert Karen Krizanovich said: "If this drug works the way they say it does and makes women feel sexier, it is going to be a really big deal and could be worth trillions to the makers.
    "There are women out there who miss the old days of fun sex with their husbands and women who feel they are not sexual enough.
    "All these women are going to buy this drug and try it at least once.
    "They may well not tell anybody they are buying it but I think it will be a real relationship fixer.
    "The drug could also become a bone of contention among couples with women having it thrown at them that they should try Intrinsa.
    "But sex is such an important part of any relationship that I actually think that if you are not willing to try something which helps, maybe you should not be in a relationship at all."
    Intrinsa was developed by Proctor & Gamble and was granted a licence by the European Medicines Agency.


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