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  1. lulz


  1. Mint boi
    swim wishes his dentist would throw him a party and give him lsd instead of digging at his face without any nitrous or novicane!
  2. lulz
    I'm damn near positive that I once read in the Sunday Times magasine about this event, and apparently John Lennon had no idea he was being dosed. I believe it was in his coffee.
  3. lulz
    btw, I forget the reason why I thought this was connected to what you were saying, but if you ever saw "Drugstore Cowboy", the old priest:


    that old guy was William Burroughs

    I forget exactly why I bring that up, it may have had to do with an internal conversation
  4. Shiacmkmleer
    Correct. When they realized something was in the coffee one of them (I dont remember which) thought the dentist was going to try and get them in an orgie so they tried to leave immedalty... and drive... luckly foreveryone they didnt get in the car.
  5. lulz
    I just saw this on fark.com and thought it amusing considering that the songs were written by people who were high as kites

  6. lulz
  7. UberDouche
    Very informative, thanks!
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