Paul Walker Conspiracy: Illuminati or Drug Cartel Responsible?

By BitterSweet · Dec 9, 2013 · ·
  1. BitterSweet
    20585.jpg While Paul Walker Fast & Furious fans flock by the thousands to the site of his fiery death, conspiracy theories continue to flourish. The most popular explanation for the accident and its resulting conflagration seems to center around Paul Walker. The 40 year-old actor had been attending a charity event for his Reach Out Worldwide organization that was working to send supplies to a typhoon damaged Philippines.

    Walker was a true philanthropist who gave time and money to help the needy. His friend Roger Rodas was also a generous man who operated charities in Central America and El Salvador. Apart from the two men being friends and business partners; they co-owned the car customization/racing prep store Always Evolving; they also raced together and co-founded the Reach Out Worldwide charity.

    The men also died together in a fiery red Porsche Carrera GT. So far the more outlandish conspiracy theories revolve around Paul Walker. One, touted on more than a few sites, involves the Illuminati and a birth control plot that focuses on the Philippines that Walker allegedly found out about. Rumors are making the rounds that “Mr Nice Guy” Walker found out that medicine headed to the Philippines was laced with a birth control serum that would effectively “neuter” the entire population.

    The Illuminati conspiracy claims that Walker looked too closely and too deeply and got dramatically taken out of the equation before he and Rodas could blow the whistle. Further theories based around the Illuminati range from a “drone” missile to a sabotaged fuel line. While the police are still collecting evidence and trying to piece together what happened it appears that if they have found any leads, they are keeping them close to their vests.

    The Illuminati are a group of individuals that purport to be members of the original Bavarian Illuminati. The founders of the first clandestine group created the society in May 1776. Their aim was to fight prejudice, superstition, abuses of state, and adverse religious influence over the public.

    The real Illuminati were disbanded and outlawed in 1785. In fiction, the shadowy group has continued to affect world events through their immense behind the scenes power. There are many who believe that the organization survived its disbandment in real life and still orchestrates chaos on an unsuspecting world. The Paul Walker conspiracy seems to favor the Illuminati theory and does not take into consideration the possibility of a drug cartel being responsible.

    Comic book considerations aside, Roger Rodas, the good friend; business partner; family man and charity co-founder whose own death has been overshadowed by the death of his famous friend, has not been looked at by officials. The fact that the 38 year-old business man did a lot of charity work in Central America has not raised any eyebrows. Not because of the possibility that Rodas has done anything wrong, but, because he was most likely doing something right.

    It may sound like a substandard plot from a Jean-Claude Van Damme or Steven Seagal ‘B’ action picture, but, it is no more outlandish to think that a drug cartel could have been leaning on Rodas to help launder their drug money. One of the places that Rodas and the charity frequented was El Salvador. Known locally as “El Caminito;” which translates to “the little highway,” the country uses their US built super highway to move product. Since the American dollar is the local currency, laundering dirty money is also a speciality in El Salvador.

    Central American drug cartels are notoriously violent. Back in the 1980s when the “cocaine cowboys” first hit Miami and Southern Florida along with Texas and other parts of America, law enforcement officials were shocked at the amount of violence that these Columbian coke dealers meted out. El Salvador is used by Columbia for distribution as well cleaning their dirty money.

    Since Rodas spent quite a bit of time in Central America, he could easily have been approached by cartel bosses looking for a legitimate business to “wash” their cash. What better place to hide illicit gains than by burying it in a charity.

    Paul Walker’s friend and fellow business man, despite his not being as well known as Walker, was reportedly just as nice and straight up as his Fast & Furious pal. He would surely have turned the drug bosses down. Considering the “overblown” theatrical way that drug cartel bosses make a point; machine gunning a crowd full of women and children to get their target for example; a bomb, or rpg, used on a red sports car would be on-par with their overly violent ways. This could have been their reaction to Rodas turning down their proposal.

    The Paul Walker conspiracies do include more questions than answers and theories. Media sites, and the police, have been pointing out that video footage from CCTV cameras seem to show conflicting images of the car crash. Until law enforcement can put together what happened, the idea of the Illuminati or drug cartels being responsible for murdering the two men is not that outlandish. Unfortunately, it looks like the police will have trouble finding out what really happened regardless of who killed the two men.

    Author: Michael Smith, Las Vegas Guardian Express
    Date: December 8th, 2013

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  1. Phungushead
    Lol... Like seriously, why does everything have to be a conspiracy these days? Can't something just be legitimate for once? I have a few friends who are really into this kind of stuff, and it's both very frustrating and very annoying to me at times.

    I'll shamefully admit that I used to believe in some conspiracies when I was younger, but eventually I decided that conspiracies are a conspiracy in themselves to try to make governments (or whatever) appear to be all powerful, clandestine, and omnipotent... Rather than allow people to see the most shocking reality of all: That they might in fact just be a bunch of dumbasses.

    Anymore this whole conspiracy-theory psychological phenomenon drives me absolutely up the wall. There's always going to be someone who tries to look for a conspiracy when none exists, when often the most simple answer is also the correct one.
  2. jollyDigits
    Listen, and this is coming from a direct descendant of a free-mason (which is not the illumini). The Illuminati as most people know them by are a group of powerful religious and political figures whos intention is to create a world in which one government, uniform laws and standardized cultures lead to peace and progression. They don't kill people, their not the US government and it operates on so many levels that the wildest conspiracy would never be guessed. Thus, Illumini not to blame. Try Obama xD
  3. Alien Sex Fiend
    I knew Illuminati were involved! They were high on FREE drugs supplied by cartels. told them they should not have injected that marijuana. Or was it the act of God who called Walker to heaven simply because he served his purpose? I mean, how many Fast and Furious movies can there be?
  4. BitterSweet
    I know I posted this, but I don't buy in to any of the conspiracy nonsense, I just thought I'd post it anyway - just a look at some of the stupid stuff out there.
  5. ianzombie
    Thats the sort of thing the Illuminati would say to try and throw us off the scent.

    ILLUMINATI!!!! *Points at Phungushead*
  6. Joe-(5-HTP)
    The human race is not interesting enough to produce something like the illuminati.
  7. ianzombie
    We are so boring we have to invent them.
    Makes for good reading.
  8. cjb85
    The Illuminati was fundamentally anti-religion. Or at least they opposed religious influence in government and in the public. The Catholic church was their greatest enemy. The "modern day" Illuminati you described is complete fiction.
  9. Healer
    Lol the illuminati! The only "members" of the Illuminati are rappers who claim the title to sell more records.
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