1. LittleBabyNothing
    I have decided to take a pause. Not because I actually want it, but because my health recently has gave me some serious warnings.
    We have decided to go to countryside for some time. I am not actually sure how I feel about this, because some part of me is in panic and quite grumpy that I will be forced to live clean, but other part understands that I have to. Unless I want to end up in hospital once more.
    I hope that I will have some kind of success.

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  1. Beenthere2Hippie
    I hope you find some happiness in your new life plan, and happiness always seems to lead us all to success. As long as you arrive at happiness, there's hope. Wishing you the best with your endeavor. Let us know how the "clean life" goes. :)
  2. LittleBabyNothing
    Sadly, it happened only for few weeks.I allready knew that it would be so, but at least I took a break.
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