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  1. Terrapinzflyer
    Five employees of Pearson airport have been charged in an alleged scheme to funnel drugs through the airport, the RCMP announced Thursday.

    A probe that began in February led investigators to Pearson, where authorities allege a variety of drugs — including ecstasy, hashish and khat — flowed in and out of the airport on chartered airlines.

    Police allege Pearson staff used their positions as baggage handlers to facilitate the movement of drugs.

    “The sheer size of Pearson Airport means that it functions in a similar way to a small city, and like most small cities, it has its associated criminal element,” said Superintendent Rick Penney, who leads the RCMP’s GTA drug enforcement unit.

    Seven people from the Greater Toronto Area were arrested, and warrants have been issued for two others. Two people from Jamaica have also been arrested in the scheme.

    Charges include conspiracy and importation and exportation of controlled substances.

    Those arrested include Joebuah Kenyatta Lee, 39, of Mississauga; Kamal Mohamed, 29, of Toronto; Roger Roderick John, 44, of Toronto; Patrick Valeriano, 24, of Brampton; Rohan Mitchell, 38, of Mississauga; Ali Shire Khalif, 27, of Toronto; Sheldon Stewart, 28, of North York; Vincent Saddler, 52, of Savanna, La Mar, Jamaica; and Donavon Clarke, 37, of Paradise, St. James, Jamaica.

    Warrants have been issued for Dahir Nur Ali, 45, and Suweys Yusuf, 44, of Toronto.

    The accused were scheduled for a bail hearing in Brampton Thursday.

    Brett Gundlock
    National Post
    December 02, 2010



    It is unclear if this is in anyway related to this recent bust at Pearson: Hefty coke bust at airport


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