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Peeing blood is SO not cool

  1. Potter
    Yeah last night that happened and I don't know why yet. Went to the doc's, they took some blood and pee, going to run tests. Going to need to get a CAT scan. I'm kind of worried about this all. Figured I'd leave a note in case things get bad and I disappear for a bit.

    Man all I've been wanting to do was dance in fire and blood tomorrow. Won't even be able to fertilize the garden properly since my consort won't play if I might be sick.

    Well maybe on the next sabbat I'll be in better condition to do my duties.


  1. kerang
    That sounds awfull :eek:
    Did they find anything?
  2. Greenport
    Good luck man I hope it turns out to be nothin.
  3. Alfa
    Lets hope its something minor. Good luck!
  4. guldenat
    Sucks man, best wishes to you.
  5. helikophis
    I hope the operation is going well Potter!!
  6. Ilsa
    update if/when possible...
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