People are evil

By Orchid_Suspiria · Jun 26, 2008 · ·
  1. Orchid_Suspiria
    This is my first blog.I had such an upsetting even today I just had to put it down.Well actually one in a long chain of upsetting events.It seems like all pain in life comes from what other people do to you,how they mistreat you.No maybe what happened today was not a big deal in the grand scheme,but it reaffirmed my mistrust of everyone.

    What am I doing wrong?I try so hard to treat others like I want to be treated but I always get hurt in the process.I'm tired of it all.I'm not letting anyone get close to me ever again.It is better this way.

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  1. drbeer
    People are evil, sure, but it depends on how you act toward them. Boozer might agree that some people are weird and that most are selfish.

    You just need to find the right people, just like boozer... if those right persons exist...
  2. mickenator
    I to am like you, I try and trust everyone but the majority of people always let you down. People seem to think that because you are nice and easy going that you are a soft touch, so now I find myself distrusting everyone and not letting anyone get close, this way I find you don't get hurt and you don't get let down.
  3. drbeer
    Boozer was like that before...

    He soul was in greater pain than now when he was distrusting people. Only, sometimes he gets depressed and when it's the case he tries to get it off his chest...

    The only thing is that he thinks that most are unable to listen to him when he gets down, as he's quite depressing.
  4. MiMoMo
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