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People are strange when you are stranger

  1. LittleBabyNothing
    Dohhh... Some people can really find things to be upset about. Offcourse that I most likely will tell you to fuck off if you call me in the middle if the night sounding totally drunk and spun out of your mind, asking for my adress and saying that you have a suprise for me and that you are coming over.And now this person plays victim to the absolutelly terrible me.I guess, majority of people would act the same if they were in my place. Life just never stops to confuse me with its ridiculousness. Whatever...

    I keep still fighting. With no results, but I do hope that someday I will quit forever.


  1. Beenthere2Hippie
    And life never will stop perplexing and frustrating any of us; it's life nature of this wonderful but often stressful ride we're all on. Just gotta work at growing that tougher outer skin, sometimes. And give wider girth to irritating, unhappy needy people haha.

    I'd be pissed at that night call too. ;)
  2. LittleBabyNothing
    Actually, I should have deleted this useless blog entry, but when I remembered it, it was too late.:)
  3. mastermind22
    Yeah strange is difficult that's for sure. A life of isolation and instant temper no self control with drug use seeking increasing depravity. trying to change it is going to be a strange process. definitely been there should've deleted shit I write on here haha:laugh: yeah type of person when dealing with annoyances in drug states if people tried to spin me I'd spin them right into some stairs face first at worst once and constantly would throw back a bigger annoyance. I'm getting calls constantly from a girl who liked watching a dude eat cement too much and somehow created an obsession with someone who chooses this is not manipulated by her. Hate insistent people I really do. Has a caller ever tried to blackmail you after you last saw them in a different state? Showed up in your town of all places. you have to bring the surprises don't let them get to you. kinda dealing with a similar situation
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