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  1. 5-HT2A

    Look out British parents, the plague we started in the US is descending with increased ferocity upon your children. In a period of a little more than one year, 166,000 children were given antidepressants. Of these, 537 were kids age six or under. The overall rate of increase was 12%.

    Despite warnings from their own drug-monitoring agency, doctors are becoming more determined to push psychiatric drugs on children in Britain. The excuse is that there are insufficient psychosocial resources under their system of socialized medicine. That is true—but it is not the basic reason. Ultimately, psychiatrists have little to no self-restraint in the harm they do. They are constrained from drugging and shocking people, including children, only by public resistance and lawsuits.

    Most of the drugging is done by primary care doctors and pediatricians rather than psychiatrists; but it is my profession of psychiatry that works in partnership with the Pharmaceutical Empire to bring about this wave of destruction upon our children.

    I have many wonderful colleagues in psychiatry and psychology in Great Britain. Many of them have been on my radio show, like child psychiatrist Sami Timimi and psychiatrist Joanna Moncrieff. I do not have to ask them to know how distressed they must be by this increased drugging of the children under their profession’s care.

    Although doctors have ways around it, the only officially approved antidepressant for children in Great Britain is Prozac for depression. Why Prozac? Because the manufacturer, Eli Lilly, is the cleverest at manipulating studies to sell neurotoxins. And neurotoxins they are. As I describe in my book Psychiatric Drug Withdrawal, all psychiatric drugs are chemical poisons that impair and harm brain function. None of them improves or nourishes the brain.

    Studies monitored by the FDA have established a doubling of the rate of suicidality in children on antidepressants during 4-6 week trials. This rate will be vastly higher in clinical practice where many of the children are already suicidal, receiving drug combinations, enduring much longer drug exposures, and barely monitored at all.

    Antidepressant-induced suicidality in children is well known and found in Black Box warnings in every Full Prescribing Information for antidepressants. Therefore, I will focus on more widespread adverse effects on the brains and minds of children. The results for Prozac and all antidepressants are disastrous.

    You will find these and many other studies on www.breggin.com on my free Antidepressant Resource Center in sections 1B, 2B and 3B. All were conducted by leading psychiatrists from the drug establishment, and yet they had to admit these tragic outcomes:

    Riddle et al. 1991: 50% of children age 8-16 developed two or more abnormalities on Prozac, including aggression, loss of impulse control, agitation, and other manic-like symptoms.

    King et al. 1991: 14% of children on Prozac became aggressive or violent.

    Wilens et al. 2003: 21% of children with a mean age of 12 developed mood disorders on a variety of antidepressant drugs. These mood disorders included irritability (associated with aggression) and depression. Many became aggressive and many developed anxiety and sleep disorders. Incredibly, 6% became manic and 10% became psychotic.

    If these doctors possessed consciences, they would have called for an end to drugging children with antidepressants. They did not blink about continuing to promote them.

    Scientific evidence indicates that antidepressants do not help children (see here and here). In light of such high risks to the child’s wellbeing, these psychiatric chemicals are clearly doing more harm than good.

    What kind of society would permit this assault on its children? That is a huge question. Importantly, psychiatry and the Pharmaceutical Empire, as well as the government, are probably most responsible. Any one of the three, acting in an ethical manner, could put an end to this horror.

    Professionals and concerned citizens from the US and Great Britain should join hands and hearts across the ocean to save our children. If we do not, more and more will be given these drugs; more and more will develop adverse mental and behavioral effects; and more and more will be given additional drugs to control the adverse effects, driving the children into becoming lifelong consumers of prescribed neurotoxins.

    By starting children on antidepressants, we rob them of fulling their potential as human beings. They will never know who they really are or who they might have become.

    Original Source

    Written by: Peter Breggin, Jul 20, 2017, People of Great Britain! Our Beast Descends Upon Your Children, Mad In America


  1. LMG
    I'd like to do an informal survey of adults with depression + addiction disorders and fight out what percentage of them used anti-anxiety/depression meds as minors. Any one know if something like this already exists?
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