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People on pot shoot each other, strangle each other, and kill whole families

  1. Basoodler

    On Tuesday, Nancy Grace claimed that people on marijuana shoot, stab and strangle each other, and that children shouldn’t bear witness to their parents drinking soda.

    Grace first asked the Director of Communications for the Marijuana Policy Project (MPP), Mason Tvert, what the MPP is and whether “you get paid by them.”

    “Yes,” Tvert replied. “That’s my job, and our mission is to end marijuana prohibition and replace it with a system where marijuana is regulated and taxed and treated similarly to alcohol.”

    “It’s the system,” he continued, “that a majority of Americans now think would be a much preferable system to the one we have.”

    Sensing an opportunity, Grace responded, “in a nutshell, could you say why you think marijuana should be legalized — because, I mean, you know it’s addictive, highly addictive

    Tvert replied that “marijuana’s addictive properties have been found to be actually pretty mild compared to alcohol and tobacco, and even caffeine.”

    “So you — you are admitting it is addictive,” Grace interjected.

    “Yes,” Tvert replied, “so is sex, so are video games.”

    “So you’re admitting it! You’re admitting it!”

    After Tvert calmed Grace down by pointing out that many recreational users are “normal people, just like you, who enjoy using marijuana for the same reason people enjoy having a drink after work,” Grace again interrupted him.

    The reason I’m against legalization is that I’ve seen too many felonies — felonies — and I don’t mean pot sales or growing pot,” she continued. “I mean people on pot that shoot each other, that stab each other, that strangle each other, that kill whole families — wipe out a whole family.”

    “You sound like you’re from the 1930s,” Tvert responded.

    “No, no,” Grace replied. “The first time — there was this gorgeous lady standing in the middle of the courtroom crying, and I didn’t understand what was going on. They said she was a stockbroker. She had got addicted to pot, ended up losing her job, wrecked her car, couldn’t make her house payments on her house, so her husband got custody of the children, and now she has no house, no car, no family, nothing.”

    Later, a treatment specialist who profits off of “curing” patients of their marijuana addiction began to question the moral legitimacy of MPP’s mission, saying, “just because you’re a non-profit doesn’t mean you’re doing meaningful work. I mean, anyone can start a non-profit.”

    “Sir,” Tvert replied, “Come on. The fact is that the majority of Americans are on my side because your side can’t come up with a legitimate argument.”

    “Well,” Grace said to the treatment specialist, “I guess that makes you and me complete space aliens, because the last thing I want is for the children — my twins — seeing me boozing it up.”

    “I mean, when my husband drinks Diet Coke, I make him put it in an opaque plastic cup.”


    (not in weird news because people take this stuff as fact, coming from fox news)


  1. Cid Lysergic
    lmfao. Epic. Although one thought that comes to mind is, maybe a lot of people who commit those felonies are on weed. This isn't to say that the weed has done it. It is to say that people on other drugs commonly mix weed to their high & when caught may only test positive for weed or only admit to weed. No one wants to admit killing a family when they've been up for two weeks on meth. Lol. Okay, a bit unrealistic of a scenario.

    Pot + Diet Coke = Homicide? Tune in to FOX News at 6.
  2. RoboCodeine7610
    Come on....No way. What??

    I honestly don't know what else to say other than: Who the fuck pays these people to be on tv? And who the fuck listens to them?

    Seriously??? People high on marijuana kill each other? I seriously cannot believe she invoked the reefer madness argument with a straight face...

    And what the fuck was the diet cola argument all about? Do her children not drink soda??

  3. MikePatton
    What a fucking bitch, she really does sound like she's from the 1930's. Her IQ is so low she simply doesn't have the abillity to think outside the fucking box and see that it's actually people who drink alcohol who are wayyyyyyyyyyy more likely to commit the violent acts she speaks of!

    Even the people who invented the reefer madness propoganda back in the 1930's later admitted it was false, and that the opposite is true. They later stated that pot makes everyone non-violent pacifists who will not fight for their country, and THAT'S why it should be banned!!
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