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Perils of Methamphetamine Video to help pupils earn NCEA credits (nz)

By ~lostgurl~, Nov 30, 2006 | |
  1. ~lostgurl~
    Perils of P video helps for NCEA

    Dominion Post

    A moving DVD portraying the effects of pure methamphetamine will soon be used to help pupils earn NCEA credits.
    The 20-minute movie aims to "start turning the tide on P". It is a joint initiative between the Police Association and Papatoetoe Neighbourhood Support Trust.
    It warns young people about dangers associated with the drug, which has been linked to some of New Zealand's most notorious high-profile crimes.
    Sophie's Story was launched in Auckland yesterday by Education Minister Steve Maharey.
    The fictional short film tells of a girl whose brother becomes addicted to the drug, and how she learns about methamphetamine addiction and its consequences.
    It was produced at a cost of more than $100,000 - all raised from community sponsorship.
    The DVD and an accompanying study guide are being made available to every secondary school for use as an NCEA teaching resource from next year. A level one health standard requires pupils to demonstrate an understanding of issues relating to drug use.
    Association president Greg O'Connor said the organisation began warning authorities about P in the 1990s.
    "Our members see the effects of this drug on our youth every day. The drug wreaks violence and tragedy through every layer of New Zealand society."
    Wellington College headmaster Roger Moses said the film was a moving portrayal of the destruction P could have on individuals and families. Though he was not aware of P being widespread in schools, it was well established in society. It was "probably just a matter of time" till it infiltrated the school environment. "I've not seen evidence in my own school but that's not to say it doesn't happen. We know there's a huge amount of it out there."

    See related news clip video here:



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