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Peru Seizes Big Cocaine Shipment Bound for South Africa

By buseman · Jun 11, 2010 ·
  1. buseman
    LIMA – More than a ton of cocaine intended for South Africa, where the soccer World Cup starts this week, was seized in the Pacific port of Callao, Peruvian police sources confirmed to Efe on Wednesday.

    The 1,162 kilograms (2,559 pounds) of the drug were found Tuesday inside a container packed with pallets of fiberglass.
    Police searched the container after detaining two men noted acting suspiciously.

    Authorities don’t know if the drug consignment was meant to reach South Africa for sale during the 32-nation soccer tournament, the sources said.

    Peru is second only to Colombia in output of both cocaine and the coca leaf from which the drug is produced, according to figures from the United Nations.



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