Peru's Amazonian artist Pablo Amaringo dies at age 71

By Potter · Nov 19, 2009 · Updated Nov 19, 2009 ·
  1. Potter
    Pablo Amaringo, an outstanding researcher, artist, and teacher who was passionate about the Peruvian Amazon, passed away at age 71, in Pucallpa.

    Amaringo showed from a very early age an acute insight into the cosmological nature of the world.

    He wanted to learn about life; why we are born, grow up and die. His curiosity led him to wonder whether there are other worlds in the universe and if someday he could visit these cosmic astral worlds.

    He published his first book of shamanic visions in 1991; he afterwards succeeded in the United States, Europe and Asia, being recognized as a World Artist-Painter in 1992.

    That same year he was awarded by the United Nations with the “Global 500” prize and was declared as a pioneer of Ucayali (Pucallpa), by making the Ucayali and Amazon culture known around the world.

    He created in 1988 the School of Amazon Painting Usko-Ayar Prince. Amaringo was acknowledged last August as a “Meritorious Personality of Peruvian culture” for his outstanding work as a scholar of Amazonian cultures.
    Isabel Guerra

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