Pet Intervention?

By savingJenniB · Jan 9, 2008 · ·
  1. savingJenniB
    OMG ~ I was just emptying out the sand box and what should I discover hidden in the corner but a Cat Nip Bong.

    I'm so disappointed. He'd purred that he'd quit.
    Claimed to have totally lost his taste for the stuff right after I chopped off his balls.
    Course he was totally stoned on other stuff at the time ~ maybe I just heard what I wanted to hear?
    I'm so upset ~ haven't even been able to confront him yet. No wonder he's always hungry. "Open a can. Open a can. Fancy Feast", he meows.

    I should have known. Running around with those fleas and cockroaches. Love is blind!

    I suspect he noticed his Nip is gone ~ been sniffing around in closets & corners.
    What should I do?

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  1. savingJenniB
    One of the best things about blogs is that no one jumps in there to tell you that you are off topic!
    Off what? a topical solution?

    spread it over the wound you say?

    what the hell am I talking about?
    No, wait I'm not talking ~ I'm posting to my blog.

    A silly little blog ~ that no one even bothered to comment on. So I can basically just masturbate on the keyboard here and no one will even notice my silliness.

    Gosh, is this the two BomBay Saphire martinis talking?
    Yum~ with extra olives.
    I love sucking on Gin soaked olives.
    Suck out the red pimento stuffing first.
    Then put them back in the Gin.
    Sip the martini and then nip on the olive.
    If you are timing it just right ~
    you munch the last of the 2nd olive
    and wash it down with the last sip of Gin.

    Okay, I'm drunk ~ going to bed now.
    Bed ~ now that is off topic, too!
  2. TMM
    You're off topic. You've been warned. Some guys are coming.

    The blatant incrimination of your cat will also not go unnoticed. As it stands he's looking at 10-15. And those ain't cat years.
  3. takeyourmeds
    good to laugh out loud today. well... to even laugh at all with this punding in the head, and that sinus which has been plugged with some unknown foreign substance for days now...ugh! Anyhoo, thanx for the laugh!
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