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By DHCdiva · Apr 16, 2012 · ·
  1. DHCdiva
    Betsy my pet snake has an unusual condition. She has Restless Leg Syndrome, Symphis Pubis Dysfunction, and an as yet undiagnosed liver area pain- current medical guesses are gallstones, cysts or growths on liver/kidneys, or some other mystery illness - she is having a CT scan in less than a fortnight. Betsy also has dificulty relaxing and sleeping.

    As you can imagine, the majority of those conditions are very rare for a snake to have, (for a few obvious reasons such as they don't usually have hips, or legs, or pelvises ?pelvii?!, but Betsy is a one of a kind, very special miracle snake. She is so special that she doesn't even know if she HAS a liver or kidneys, because her school did not teach snake biology, which seems a bit silly, but I digress...) and the medication her vet has given her in the past has never seemed to help ease the pain.

    Betsy takes exercise to try to help things along the healing path, and has also had physiotherapy, which didn't bring any improvement.

    Betsy was recently ill, and in a lot of pain of which she had never experienced before, because it was in a different part of her body to her usual pains (this was the start of the mystery liver/kidney area pain). She was given injections, which she was told was morphine, but the vet had two syringes, one had the name "Pertaryl" on it. (although Betsy's eyesight isn't too great so it could be something different). It is possible Betsy was injected with only one of the syringes or both, as Betsy had a cannula inserted. And didn't watch because she doesn't like needles.

    When she was injected, Betsy felt a sensation which she can only describe as the very inside of her skin (that faces all her organs etc) being brushed with the sharp side of velcro. This feeling happened near her collarbone on right side, and the very top of her head. This made the administering vet giggle as Betsy kept pressing the top of her head and collarbone whilst making quizzical faces, because she had never felt a sensation such as this. It was enough to make her take a sharp intake of breath, felt a little bit worrying for a second or two, and then she experienced her first ever totally pain free moment in two and a half years. When it wore off, the vet gave her some more.

    Betsy has an appointment with her vet in a few days, and is wondering whether to share with the vet her experience with the injection of morphine/pertaryl, ask him if it was likely she was injected with just one, or both, and whether there are any similar medications that she could have to help her with the pain relief.

    Obviously Betsy is not asking for injections of morphine or pertaryl to be prescribed (yuck! She'd rather have the pain than a needle) but is wondering if an oral medication is available which would have similar painkilling effects.

    Other than that, Betsy is seriously considering using the DiHydrocodeine that she is regularly prescribed in a CWE experiment. SHe has never done this before and is going to explore DF for information on this, as she doesn't know if DiHydrocodeine is suitable for CWE. Betsy is also prescribed Tramadol and Fluoxetine.

    Betsy would love to hear your thoughts on this. She is a very cautious, sensible snake who lives an outwardly clean cut lifestyle and has various positions of responsibility in her local community, so is always very wary of any complications experiments may have in case it impacts on her reputation. But, she is finding everyday life very hard to deal with because of the pains she has.

    Betsy welcomes your thoughts, opinions, advice and comments on these matters, and thanks you for taking the time to read through this very long post.

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  1. kailey_elise
    That sounds like a morphine injection to me! ;) We usually refer to it as "pins & needles", but that doesn't quite describe it properly. No clue what the other med might have been.

    Oral morphine doesn't quite work in the same way, and certainly wouldn't give the pins & needles effect. Oral morphine can be magnitudes weaker than injected morphine.

    I hope the snake finds some relief from the pain, but tell Betsy to be VERY careful about seeking out that euphoria!! :)

  2. DHCdiva

    Betsy wishes me to pass her thanks to you, and just wants to make clear that the euphoria wasn't the reason for asking if the medication was available outside of a hospital,, the wonderful moment she describes was meaning the first time she had been pain free for years.

    i have discovered the other syringe was "Fentanyl". But then again, Betsy saw the label upside down and hasn't got very good eyesight.


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