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  1. Abrad
    PETE DOHERTY has sunk to a new low of disgusting behaviour.

    The BABYSHAMBLES singer squirted a syringe-full of his own blood at two MTV News cameramen after injecting heroin in view of the production team.

    The camera lens was splattered with Pete’s claret — leaving a horrified crew scared of infection and needing to sterilise thousands of pounds worth of filming equipment.

    Doherty’s own bandmate DREW McCONNELL was so angry with the singer that he stormed off.

    It is only a fortnight since The Sun printed pictures of Pete sticking a syringe into a young girl fan’s arm.

    This latest stunt is equally pathetic and unforgivable.

    MTV News had managed to secure a backstage interview with Babyshambles after a gig in Berlin.

    Pete, who remains close to KATE MOSS, had refused to join his bandmates.

    But midway through the interview Pete appeared in the room and sat down.

    No one spotted the syringe he was holding — although you can make it out in my exclusive sequence of pictures.

    He then took aim and unloaded a barrel-full of his own blood on the camera lens from a few yards away.

    His face lit up and he shouted: “That was a wicked shot. That’s going to make a cracking link that is.”

    But his two bandmates — bassist Drew and dummer ADAM FICEK — were not pleased. Drew apologised to MTV saying: “I think the interview is over my friend. I’m really sorry about that mate, that’s ****ed up.”

    Then Drew fled and was seen kicking a door in a rage down the corridor. Pete also left but returned to perform a song once MTV had managed to clean the lens.

    A source told me: “Doherty had been behaving strangely in the room next door.

    “He seemed to be injecting heroin and didn’t care who saw him. Then he hid the syringe under a towel and went to the interview room.

    “Suddenly he squirted blood all over the camera and cameramen. It left everyone shocked.

    “The camera guys were worried they might have picked something up from the blood.

    “It was a dirty and disgusting thing to do. No one laughed.”

    You can view footage of the incident on www.mtv.co.uk/overdrive
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  1. Nature Boy
    Too far. The guy's a scumbag. I don't see how people can call him talented and he'd be better off dead at this stage.
  2. Alicia
    Yet this bastard will probly state drugs as the cause of his behavior, swim agrees hes not talented, gives other drugs users a bad name. as nature boy liam said be better of dead and I'd never wish death on anyone.
  3. Abrad
    Surely he can be locked up for this?
  4. Alicia
    swim should hope so.
  5. Jatelka
    SWIJ would imagine that there is some-such thing as "Attempted Actual Bodily Harm": Which certainly squirting blood at someone is.
  6. Lunar Loops
    This from Ireland Online today:

    Doherty faces German drug probe [FONT=Verdana, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif]17/05/2006 - 15:21:28[/FONT]

    Troubled rocker Pete Doherty is under investigation in Germany after the singer was snapped allegedly taking drugs with two fans in a car in Cologne this weekend.

    Doherty, who is touring the country with band Babyshambles, will be questioned by police over the pictures which show him smoking a suspicious substance through a bottle.

    The incident is the latest in a long line of Doherty drug scandals.

    In his native Britain the rocker has been in and out of court since last December, when he was arrested for drug possession.

    Most recently, he was taken into custody following the publication of pictures allegedly showing him injecting a drug into the arm of an apparently unconscious female fan.
  7. grandbaby
    Sadly, the only way to get him to stop doing utterly useless shit like this and stop giving honest druggies a bad name is so radical that it's probably more useful to suggest he grow wings and fly to Mars:

    The media has to ignore him.

    Which won't happen until people stop buying papers based on his antics.

    People do absolutely horrific shit (much worse than flinging blood at a couple of crew working for The Worst Thing to Happen to Pop Music Since Strings) to each other every day and it doesn't make the news, nor should it. That we as a reading public devour this crap (and all that rot about some ditz's hotrod baby and some orangey-coloured couple's endless breakup) and clamour for more! is the problem. He's an asshole; so are at least 75% (I'm feeling generous today) of the population. (Though I'll admit: he seems to be more of an asshole than most people.)

    Let me summarize, since I can't seem to be coherent tonight: This isn't a drugs problem, or even a behaviour problem exactly. It's a media problem.

    Why on earth wouldn't you hope he gets in shit for this, 'Leash? It's not in the least incriminating to hope so... go out on a limb. :) Anyway, I hope he does, too, so your wish is granted: someone who isn't you hopes so. (And you should be glad I'm not you; if I were female, you could never convince me to leave the house, I'd be so busy digging on my new anatomy, and you'd probably be absolutely disgusted by what I'd be doing to your body... but now I'm really drifting off-topic, sorry, don't know what's got into me tonight... )
  8. Alicia
    (And you should be glad I'm not you; if I were female, you could never convince me to leave the house, I'd be so busy digging on my new anatomy, and you'd probably be absolutely disgusted by what I'd be doing to your body... but now I'm really drifting off-topic, sorry, don't know what's got into me tonight... )

    Thats ok lol, it takes a lot to disgust me. do enlighten ..:p
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