Pete's Couch anti weed ad.

By Riconoen {UGC} · Sep 26, 2006 · Updated Sep 26, 2006 · ·
  1. Riconoen {UGC}
    Read the whole text here.

    The ad can be viewed here.
    It seems the drug warriors have finally admitted that weed is harmless. But then they advocate going mountain biking and other activities of that nature which are far more dangerous ways to have fun. Is the entire anti drug council high? Why do they hate weed so much and yet they admit it is porbably one of the safest ways to have a good time, but you still shouldnt smoke it and go break your neck skateboarding and mountain biking. This is religious dogma it it's worst, schitzophrenic reverse psychology ads that make me want to smoke a doobie even more. God I hate this country....

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  1. wellhelm
    I thought the ad was realistic. If your just chilling on a couch,even sober, and not getting involved in the world while nothing bad can happen, nothing good could either. Stoned or not waisting time on a couch is plainly a waist of time.
  2. Omelet
    Personally, i like this add... it leads the viewer to question weed's illegality... and it admits that smoking weed is "the safest thing in the world".

    Also, the illegality often plays a big part in people's wanting to stay indoors while baked, better to spend eleven hours on a couch than eleven years in jail...
  3. Riconoen {UGC}
    Well with more and more weed legalization inituatives in numerous states It's pretty much inevitable that it will be legalized. but then again I remember the right going nuts here in nevada when we decriminalized small amounts of it.
  4. Bajeda
    Isn't Nevada have a bill for legalization coming up soon? I think I posted a thread about it in the Drugnews forum a bit back. It wants to set up a system similar to Amsterdam in a way, though more legal - federal issues aside of course.

    Do you know much about this? I had trouble finding alot of info.
  5. Riconoen {UGC}
    Yeah we do have one coming up in november. Basically it would make it legal to possess and consume, but not in public, and only sold at smokeshops porn shops and headshops and make it 21 to buy. I think 18 is old enough to drink and smoke weed but that's for another thread....
  6. Bajeda
    Be sure to get out and vote/support it if you can!
  7. Riconoen {UGC}
    Oh I will brother believe me.
  8. Nature Boy
    Completely bizarre. The "fist in mouth" one is simply retarded. I don't think these ads will help anyone and they seem like a complete and utter waste of tax-payer money (these guys are government funded right?).

    If anything, it's worrying that they believe these more refined stereotypes than the old reefer madness garbage. Now it's like they're saying: you can't do this, although it's not gonna harm you, because our societal system says so. Tough luck. It's the ultimate hypocritical bastard's rub-in-the-face cheap shot. Disgusting.
  9. Riconoen {UGC}
    Or the one with the cartoon girl squashed. They don't make any sense and convey no message. We've gone away from the reefer madness type ads of the 80's and are now on something worse.
  10. rupert
    "when you give up the ability to decide for yourself... you give up what makes you you" (fromtransformation)
    Well horray! I'm so confused, I'm to decide what for myself but yet this is a decision I'm not allowed to do?
  11. Riconoen {UGC}
    Which is exactly why I hate this ad with every fiber of my being. Don't believe this doublespeak propaganda, make your own choices based on what YOU want to do and not what some PSA tells you to do.
  12. Omelet
    i remember that didn't make any points at all, i don't know if it was even coherant...
    "don't smoke weed... it, um... makes you short...."
  13. OccularFantasm
    Swim finds extreme comfort in couches. From the soft leather or the fluffy fabric, nothing is better than sinking into a relaxing couch. Swim does smoke herb every day, so he finds the add pretty amusing. He also notes without weed, Pete would have excess testosterone causing for the extermination of brian cells. This could attest to Petes dangerous activites when he doesn't smoke weed. Swimt hinks this add is actualy pretty accurate, but is portrayed in a deceiving manner.

    Also, many a good thing can happen while on a couch. Something crazy in a trip could happen, you could nap, you could get head, you could smoke weed, you could have sex, you could watch tv, etc.
  14. toe
    These are priceless. If they aren't already in the media archive, they should be.

    On another note, "Dog" looks like it was written by SWIlurker.
  15. enquirewithin
    I wish my couch could move around like that! :)
  16. Rio Fantastic
    I think it is ironic how they are conveying smoking marijuana as a waste of time, whilst other activites such as sports and ice skating are conveyed as good ways to spend your time. Aren't both equally pointless?
  17. High_Roller
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