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  1. savingJenniB
    Been camping in the desert for a few days ~
    got me thinking about peyote. So I did a little reading when I got home and came across this wonderful little poem:

    "Peyote is always on mescaline.
    Humans are sometimes on mescaline.
    But no peyote could stand to always be on human.
    We are but a side-effect of god."

    __ Galan O. Seid
    Unpublished poem (CA. 1985)


  1. Mint boi
    Good stuff! Thanks for sharing, after reading I found it going through my head while on the bus a few hours later, catchy little one!
  2. chemlove
    Thanks for sharing I love reading your post!!!

    Hope your doing wonderful

  3. fnord
    My grandma has been having peyote seedling dreams lately. :)
  4. savingJenniB
    Let those seedlings grow up!!!!
    Summer's coming - that's when they get pumped!
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