Pharmacist mistaking gives methadone to child

By Morph-fiene60 · Aug 25, 2007 · ·
  1. Morph-fiene60
    Heres the full article

    For those who don't want to read it, I'll explain. A mother went to a pharmacy to pick up inhalers and other medicine for her child and when they got home they opened the bag and found a methadone bottle. It was an accident of the pharmacist. According to the parents, they were "horrified" Swim just hopes the person receiving the methadone didn't end up with an inhaler..:laugh:. In all my life Swim has seen very few mistakes my pharmacist and most very minor, none as "lucky" in my opinion as this kind. My question to swiy is if this happened to you and the pharmacy didn't realize it was givin to Swiy. Would you return it or keep it?

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  1. shoobie
    to Swim it depends. If the medicine were for a child and they desperately needed it, he would return it. If the medicine was for swim, he would simply say that he lost or dropped the pills in the toilet. Has worked for him before. So if it was for swim, and there wouldn't be kids involved, hell yeah he would keep it!
  2. shoobie
    Swim forgot to mention that he was talking about the prescription he was supposed to be getting. Post just sounded wierd. he would keep the botched and try to get emergency refill on the real meds.
  3. hoodabudda
    keep it. the pharmacy has more and alternate medications for methadone. if it was some rare cancer drug i would bring it back but not a bottle of methadone. swim recently recived 31 10mg zolpidem/ambien when he was only supposed to recive 30. so swim is up one pill woo hoo!!
  4. Morph-fiene60
    Swim is sorry, now that he reads it with a clearer mind the post does sound confusing and worded wrong. To answer the question swim agrees with Shoobie, Swim would keep them and if the pharmacist called. Swim would say he flushed them because thats what the tv and paper anti-drug ads say to do with unused narcotics and act as if methadone is just some other drug like say penicillin. Only way swim would return as if swims (some day child) needs it. Plus swim wouldn't feel guilty because the person prescribed the methadone will still have it refilled as it was the pharmacist mistake. Ha but those kind of things only occur in a swimers dream. thats swim 2 cents or like a 10 cents . ha
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